• You will be accused of complicity in 3,681 deaths during the time when he was on duty at the death camp built in occupied Poland.
  • exenfermero Auschwitz and was tried in Poland for his role in Nazi crimes in 1948 and sentenced in that country to three years in prison

 Exenfermero Auschwitz

The German court judge to exenfermero of Auschwitz 95 years for complicity in 3,681 deaths for the period in which he was on duty at the field extermination built in occupied Poland.

The Hearing Neubrandebnurg (East Germany) announced the opening of the trial on February 29, but did not specify how many views are contemplated, since it is conditional on the state of health of the accused.

According to the indictment, the accused is charged complicity in the deaths of prisoners were gassed in Auschwitz between August 15 and September 14, 1944 , during which he served nursing brigade Nazi camp.

The proceedings against the accused opened in March 2015 and initially the trial was to be held in mid last year, but the defense of the accused filed an appeal claiming his poor health.

A forensic examination found that the defendant has partially limited psychic powers to follow the process, but the report will not prevent the trial.

Cases not subject to direct responsibility

The exenfermero Auschwitz was already tried in Poland for his role in the crimes of Nazism in 1948 and was condemned in that country to three years in prison .

After serving the sentence returned to his home town in Germany, Neubrandenburg, dond and remade his life as a farmer until his retirement .

The process is part of the line the later trial for complicity with Nazism promoted in Germany after the case of the Ukrainian John Demjanjuk, Voluntary exguardia in Sobibor , who was sentenced in 2011 to five years in prison.

Underpinned this precedent opened in recent years other cases not subject to direct responsibility for the murders of Nazism.

Some of these new summaries ended dismissed by the elderly and the health of the accused, while others have resulted in rather symbolic sentences.

Among the latter case is the so-called “accounting of Auschwitz,” the former member of the Hitler SS Oskar Gröning, 94, who was convicted in April 2015 to four years in prison for complicity in the killing of 300,000 Jews.

The Ukrainian Demjanjuk, who had been deported from US to Germany after his lawyers exhaust all legal remedies against their processing, He died in a nursing home in Bavaria shortly after hearing his sentence.