Cesar Pena

  • The European Council has published its report on Social Rights in Europe in 2015.
  • A total of 277 laws related to children, families and immigrants were raped by 31 countries.

European Committee of Social Rights

“Social rights are suffering in this difficult economic and political climate. States have an obligation to protect vulnerable people (…) The Social Charter is the European Social Constitution and an essential component of our architecture of human rights. I call on our Member States to respect the rules “. With these words, presented on Wednesday the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Thorbjørn Jagland, the report on social rights in Europe.

In its annual report for 2015, the European umbrella organization has shown particular concern about the situation of refugees, family and children.

Of the 31 Member States which inclumplen a social right, Spain approved on 16 points and suspended in six subjects, especially those relating to the treatment under 18 years at work.

The wages of young workers are not just ” categorically concludes the report, which also suggests that the laws do not reflect a fair protection children.

Spain also fails to legal and economic protection of families. The European Rabbit complains not have “received the required information” and says that Spain “violates the Charter of Social Rights,” and puts duties: to send more information about the ban on hiring people eligible for compulsory education, illegality of dismissal during maternity leave and guarantees in relation to deportation.