• It would be the first president in US asset set foot on the island in 80 years.
  • Information chains ensure that the event will be from 21 to March 22.
  • Coolidge was the last president who went to Cuba during his term.

President Barack Obama prepares a trip to Cuba in March, reported on Thursday a number of US media, citing unidentified sources, which would make him the first leader of American country active step the island in 80 years.

According to ABC News , the official announcement of the trip will be on Thursday at the White House by a senior official National Security Council of the United States, although government sources not confirm this information.

also according to ABC News, Obama’s trip will be 21 to 22 March , before the president flies to Argentina.

the visit to Cuba would be the culmination of normalization process announced by the Cuban government and US in 2014, and the first time a US president on active steps Cuban territory since Calvin Coolidge trip in January 1928.

at that time, during the sixth annual International Conference of American States which was held in Havana, Coolidge was received by President of Cuba Gerardo Machado.

Coolidge was the last president and the only one in US history that visited Cuba during his term as the Democratic Jimmy Carter has traveled to the island twice (2002 and 2011), but several decades after leaving the White House.

last December, Obama already announced in an interview with the Yahoo portal hoped to visit Cuba in 2016, in his last year in office, but only make the trip if the conditions for meet with dissidents were given on the island.

“If I visit (to Cuba), part of the deal is that I will be able to talk to everyone ” Obama said in the interview, he made on the eve of what was the first anniversary of the announcement of the start of the process of normalization of relations between the US and Cuba.

the economic embargo main obstacle

“I have made it clear in my direct talks with President (Raul) Castro would continue contacts with those who want to broaden the scope of freedom of expression in Cuba, “he said. Obama then insisted it was “very interested” in visiting Cuba and said he would make a decision “in the coming months.”

“If, in fact, I can say with confidence that we are seeing progress in freedom and possibilities for Cubans , I would use a visit as a way of emphasizing that progress, “the president said.

as part of the restoration of relations , yesterday Cuba and the United States signed an historic agreement on civil aviation that will enable a regular commercial flights connecting between the two countries for the first time in over fifty years.

The agreement It represents a potential of tens of daily roundtrip connection with 20 flights a day to Havana and 10 daily flights to other airports on the island , some routes for 5 decades have only been operated by charter companies, which will continue to operate as usual.

from the signing of the bidding process opens for US airlines submit their applications to the Department of Transport for the routes they would like operate, process the US officials hope to finalize as soon as possible.

in addition, in the last year and US Cuba also reopened their embassy and signed agreements on environmental protection and to restore direct mail service.

One issue that hinders the full normalization is the economic embargo on Cuba and whose complete lifting depends on the US Congress, but Obama has took enforcement actions for relax travel and some business transactions.

Obama himself stated that the economic embargo imposed by his country to Cuba is “the legacy of a policy failed “, and urged Congress to help him up, a request which reiterated on several occasions.