• scared during a race and ended up swimming in Moreton Bay, Australia.
  • Your jinente had to wade into the water to accompany him to the boat .

horse in water

the racehorse, Rebel Rover ( ‘Globetrotters Rebel’) could well be the best in the world according to its latest feat.

After dismounting his jockey embarked on a flight that ended after 11 kilometers to swim for Australia’s Moreton bay.

Rebel Rover, described as “crazy horse” by coach Brad Smith , managed to escape his rider Jackson Moris and spent two hours in the bay before being rescued by a team of volunteers navy and police in the waters of Brisbane.

“You must have the lung capacity of an absolute monster. Normally horses would leave after about 15 minutes , but still had all that energy even after two hours,” says Smith the newspaper Brisbane’s Courier Mail .

However, the rescue was not easy. That energy of speaking coach used it to knock the father of the coach of a ‘header’ and distribute kicked everywhere.

His rider had to jump in the water for rescue, ” did an incredible job, “said Smith, who said that had been” an interesting day “.