• The doctor, who practices in the village of Port Jefferson, will have to pay the patient $ 75,000 for refusing to operate it.
  • The doctor negotiated with the prosecution agreement to avoid going to trial.

A doctor of New York will have to pay a $ 75,000 fine for refusing to operate an HIV-positive patient , announced today the prosecution.

“the discrimination against people HIV is not permissible “US Attorney for the eastern district of New York, Robert Capers said in a statement.

Dr. William Sher, an otolaryngologist of the town of Port Jefferson, refused to operate on a patient, whose identity has not been revealed, because he was HIV-positive, according to authorities. The doctor negotiated an agreement with the prosecutor to avoid going to trial . In addition to paying the patient $ 75,000, will have to do a course on AIDS and discrimination .

“The health professionals should provide patients with care and appropriate treatment without regardless of their HIV status, “Capers said. Sher was planning to biopsy the patient but a few minutes preoperatively decided to cancel it, after claiming that the patient had AIDS, according to the prosecution.

The Law for Persons with Disabilities Act (ADA) US prohibited specifically the discrimination of people with HIV in hospitals and medical centers.