• Astronaut is the first American to spend as much time on the International Space Station and leaves him after 20 years of career and four missions.
  • Alongside his partner Mikhail Kornienko involved in research to better understand the response of the human body to the long space stays.
  • astronaut traveled in 1999 on the shuttle Discovery in 2007 aboard the shuttle Endeavour and in 2010 spent six months at the station.

astronaut Scott Kelly

the astronaut Scott Kelly, the first American to spend one year in space announced Saturday leaving the space agency USA ( NASA ) after 20-year career and four missions.

“this year in space it was a huge challenge for all involved and gave me a unique perspective and long time to reflect on what should be my next step in our continuing mission to enhance our capabilities in space and on Earth, “said astronaut in a statement.

the announcement of his withdrawal reaches ten days after his return to Earth with his Russian partner Mikhail Kornienko, after 340 days on the International Space Station (ISS) as part of a mission to check the human resistance and determine whether it would be safe to send people to Mars.

Extensive research

After leaving NASA next April 1, Kelly continue to participate in studies of its one-year mission in space, including medical and exams other testing. Kelly and Kornienko spent a year in space, but mission was actually three .

A year before departing the ISS, the two astronauts began participating in a number of research aimed to understand better how responsive the human body to long space stays.

Then they were taken blood samples, urine and saliva , some tests have been repeated them during their year in space and that continue to be submitted during the twelve months following their return.

Kelly and his twin brother Mark, a retired astronaut involved in ten research on human psychology , health, microbiology and molecular study in which data , one space and another on Earth

record double

with his last mission, Kelly took a double record: the astronaut from his country more consecutive time (340 days) and total time (520 days) has been space .

astronaut , which she entered the NASA in 1966, traveled four times into space. In 1999 on the shuttle Discovery for a mission Hubble ; in 2007 on a mission to the EEI on board the Endeavour ; in 2010 passed six months at the station ; and in 2015 he returned to his mission record time in space.

“I’m excited about the new opportunities that may have to support and share the incredible work that NASA does for a yudarnos fly further into the Solar System , and working with the new generation of scientists and technology leaders, “said today Kelly in his note.

He missed his family

astronaut, with partner and father of two daughters, was shortly after returning to United States in the station missed his family, but could ease homesickness talking to them by telephone from which could make calls but not receive them.

“I could stay another hundred days. I could stay another year if I had to. it would depend on what he was doing made sense, although look forward to returning home ‘, had confessed shortly before his return.

in his first press press and in Houston (Texas) astronaut left the door open to “buy tickets for commercial flights, maybe in 20 years.” “I think never say that abandonment 100% outer space”.