• This March 15 is crucial in the campaign: Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio go to the polls
  • favorites. the presidential race, Republican Donald Trump and democrat Hillary Clinton, pursue a contundent victory.
  • After a weekend contorted by violence, Republican mogul says that “no violence” and that “basically no person has been injured “.

in a frantic day of meetings, Republicans and Democrats to the White House hopefuls sought Monday in States United scratch votes in eve of the new crucial ‘Super Tuesday’ , when five states hold primary elections.

on March 15 will mark a before and after in the election campaign, because Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio go to the polls to choose candidates from both parties to the Presidency, some of which, such as conservative Marco Rubio and John Kasich, could be left out of the contest.

the day is crucial, especially for the GOP, as in Florida, Illinois and Ohio the winner takes all delegates at stake. The favorite in the presidential race, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton , pursue a resounding victory that gives them the greatest possible number of delegates nominate candidates -they at national conventions of July- to clear the path that leads to the nomination.

the controversial property tycoon has 460 delegates won since starting the process of primary elections and caucuses (popular assemblies) last February 1, while the former secretary of state collects 766.

the billionaire, who needs 1,237 delegates to achieve candidacy, leads in this competition to their opponents. senators of Cuban origin Ted Cruz (369 delegates) and Marco Rubio (163) and the governor of Ohio, John Kasich (63 delegates)

Clinton , which must collect 2,383 delegates to win the nomination, also carries a considerable distance from its rival, the senior senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders (551 delegates).

In the Republican battle, all eyes are in Florida and Ohio, which distribute 99 and 66 delegates respectively. In Florida, Rubio, representing that state in the US Senate, desperately needs a win to stay in the presidential race, while Kasich also needs a victory in Ohio to avoid being offside. If Rubio and Kasich came out victorious in their respective states, the immediate future of Trump would cloud and Cruz retain hope to hunt, although polls seem to favor the New York businessman.

According to a poll released Monday by Quinnipiac University in Florida Trump receives 46% in voting intentions and Rubio, only 22%. The other two Republican contenders, Cruz and Kasich, they would in Florida by 14% and 10%, respectively.

More odds voting occurs in Ohio , where the tycoon and governor tied with 38%, while Cruz, Texas senator, would get 16% and Rubio, 3%. No wonder, then, that Trump canceled a campaign event scheduled today in the city of Doral, Florida, offering instead a rally in Youngstown, Ohio.

Weekend contorted by violence

the tycoon faces this new ‘Super Tuesday’ after a weekend contorted by violence in their rallies, after canceling a ceremony on Friday altercations between his followers and opposed the billionaire for his xenophobic discourse protesters. “There is no violence. You know how many people have been injured in our meetings? I think basically none, other than maybe someone hit once. But no violence,” he said Monday Trump in North Carolina, though the facts show otherwise

Faced with polls, his rivals do not throw in the towel, like Rubio, who said Monday from the floridiana city of Jacksonville.: “surveys are crazy and I will prove it tomorrow.”

in Ohio, Kasich not give up and Monday was supported by Republican presidential candidate in 2012 campaign Mitt Romney who has accused Trump of being a “fraud” and has emerged as one of the leaders of the traditional sector of the party who reject the tycoon. “This is the man for whom America (USA) must vote,” said Romney to present to the governor in North Canton, Ohio.

In Illinois, Cruz said Monday that the New York businessman is a “disaster” but reiterated that fulfill his word of support Trump if he’s presidential nomination, although he conditioned that support his opponent does not incur any violent act.

on the Democratic side, Sen. Bernie Sanders hopes to repeat the success it achieved last day 8 in Michigan , when he won against all odds to Clinton in the primaries of that state. Surveys granted to former Secretary of State clear victories in Florida (246 delegates) and North Carolina (121), but have a tighter competition in Missouri (84 delegates), Ohio (159) and Illinois (182).

at a rally in a neighborhood of mostly Hispanic Chicago, in Illinois, the former first lady promised Monday to “work hard” if he wins the White House to enact “comprehensive immigration reform” in order to attract Latino vote can be crucial. Sanders, meanwhile, harangued his followers in Akron (Ohio), which called for a high turnout of young voters, including those who have a great popularity, and predicted: “I think we will win in Ohio tomorrow”