• UK proposes that Internet decides the name of your new boat and the largest forum in Spanish starts a campaign trolling


Name your ship, Put name to our boat, so called the last viral campaign Navy UK has mobilized the Spanish forococheros.

The initiative is simple.. “The new polar research vessel Research Council of Environment will be the largest and most advanced research ship UK To celebrate the launch of the ship, we launched the campaign #NameOurShip the moment We NPRV call, which is not very sexy! So we invite you to suggest a name. “

The message sent to the Red found in ForoCoches the best breeding ground for what its members call “international Trolling 2.0″.

Full of irony

The name of the new vessel should be, for these Internet users, Blas de Lezo. “It was one of the best sailors in the world and made great contributions to the British underwater research”, here is the explanation.

It is not lack of irony trolling because Blas de Lezo, nicknamed Mediohombre for being lame, one-armed, one-eyed, was the great Spanish hero against the British Navy during the reign of Philip V. Among his achievements stands the Battle of Cartagena de Indias, in 1741.

For two months, Blas de Lezo defend, in inferior number, the precious key caribbean English naval assault against his counterpart Admiral Vernon Lord until early May of 1741 the British had to desisitir.

Second on votes

The christening will take place by popular acclaim, and Blas de Lezo is one of the options that gathers more followers. For now, wins Boaty McBoatface (Something like Barquito McCarabarco), with almost 101,000 votes, followed by the Spanish option, with 30,350.

However, the thing has only just begun. At the moment, Blas de Lezo is trending on Google and the hashtag #BlasDeLezo is climbing positions, a clear indication that the thing moves.

Of ForoCoches, the initiative has also jumped to Taringa!, the largest discussion forum Hispanic Network’s slogan. “Let us unite sibling to these English trolear They will off the Falkland Islands and now you! We will remove a boat! . You can vote for Blas de Lezo here.