• A group of neighbors assaulted at his home in Beni Mellal.
  • Then the exhibited naked and bloodied by the town.
  • One of the victims has been sentenced to two months in prison.

At least twenty Moroccan NGOs have demanded on Tuesday the release of two homosexuals who were assaulted, exhibited naked in the street and later arrested by police in Beni Mellal, in central Morocco.

associations denounced in a statement the attack of two gay in your apartment by a group of people who subsequently took naked and bloodied on the street and filmed.

NGOs denounce “the treatment of the authorities in this case, that it contradicts commitments Morocco with international conventions and the Constitution of 2011, which provides for the protection of individuals against discrimination based on sex, color, creed or culture (…) “.

the signatories called for freedom for two gay men, one of whom was convicted last March 15 to five months in prison, and demanded an investigation into the incident, punish the perpetrators and “slandered” to victims after filming and upload images to social networks.

they also asked the repeal of Article 489 of the Penal Code, that criminalizes homosexuality “to guarantee individual freedoms and privacy of citizens,” said the note.

the statement recalled that the Ministry of Justice and Interior warned last July after a famous assault of a transvestite in Fez by a group of people that nobody should take the justice into their own hands and “supplant justice or law enforcement.”

the aggression of the two homosexuals occurred on March 9 but has not been known until last weekend, when a video jumped to networks showing how two young people are dragged out of bed, beaten and forced to naked out into the streets as they are reviled . The second victim has also been sentenced to two months imprisonment and a fine of 45 euros.

Homosexuality in Morocco is not only criminalized with sentences of up to three years in prison, but suffers a great social reprobation.