• The NGO accuses the European Union of “ignoring on purpose,” “illegal” practices like that by Ankara.
  • Amnesty has documented the return several minors without their parents.
  • “the inhumanity of those returns is frankly shocking”.
  • the signed agreement between the EU and Turkey considers deporting Ottoman soil refugees arriving in Greece.

Amnesty International (AI) warned Thursday that Turkey has forced thousands of refugees to return to Syria in recent months and accused the European Union (EU) to “ignore on purpose,” “illegal” practices like that by Ankara.

an AI research reveals that the Turkish authorities have expelled “almost daily” to groups composed of about one hundred men, women and children to Syria since mid-January.

“in desperation to seal the borders, EU leaders have purposely ignored the simplest of facts, that Turkey is not a safe country for Syrian refugees ” said director Europe and Central Asia of the organization, John Dalhuisen, in a statement issued from its headquarters in London.

Amnesty International has gathered many testimonies attesting an operation to “large scale” for returning refugees Syria from the Turkish province of Hatay, a plan based humanitarian organization is “an open secret” in the region.

the European Commission (EC) has reiterated that expected I start next Monday the mechanism agreed with Ankara by which refugees reaching Greek soil will be returned to Turkey.

Before the return of Syrian refugees from Turkey to their country of origin, plunged into the conflict, Amnesty International considers that the agreement between the EU and Turkey suffers from “fatal flaws” .

“it is an agreement that can only be implemented by hearts tougher , with enormous disregard for international law, “said Dalhuisen.

illegal Returns

” Far from pressuring Turkey to improve its protection to refugees Syrians, the European Union is encouraging otherwise . It is highly probable that Turkey has returned to Syria several thousand refugees in the last nine weeks, “he said.

If the agreement gets underway,” there is a very real risk that some of the people that the European Union should send to Turkey end up suffering the same fate “, said the head of AI.

Among the cases that humanitarian organization has documented, Dalhuisen said return to Syria of three minors, unaccompanied by their parents , and a pregnant woman eight months.

most people who have been forced to return to the country at war they have not been registered as refugees , according to Amnesty, although some of them have suffered the same fate to be intercepted by Turkish forces without carrying with them the necessary papers.

“the lack of humanity of those returns is frankly shocking. Turkey should stop them immediately “Dalhuisen said.

Amnesty International reflected in other recent research how Turkey has lowered the number of people registered as refugees the provinces bordering Syria.

the organization warned that in some cases has denied registration to people from the neighboring country , who were unable to access vital medical treatments lacking such documentation.

according to some witnesses cited by the organization, the Turkish authorities have arrested and sent back to Syria to people trying to register as refugees, which has caused many Syrians prefer Turkish soil hide .