• The operation has resulted in two people arrested.
  • The work was found two days ago.
  • The alleged perpetrators and they were sent to prison.

lithography 'history'

lithography history , a work of the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch stolen in Oslo in 2009, has been recovered in an operation in which they were arrested two people, as reported Wednesday the Norwegian police.

the work has not suffered any damage, as stated in a statement, which is not detailed how or where she was rescued lithography, found two days ago.

a court in Oslo has decreed four weeks of pre-trial detention for two suspects , accused of serious hiding.

Dating back to 1914, history is a lithograph with the same reason that another work hanging on the walls the University of Oslo and an estimated 2 million NOK (about 211,000 euros) value.

lithography, which is hand-colored , it had been stolen from a gallery in central Oslo in November 2009

Other works by Munch, Norwegian painter best known internationally, were stolen in recent years. in August 2004, two masked they entered the museum that bears his name, in the center of Oslo, and took broad daylight the scream and Madonna .

the works were rescued two years later, but suffered irreparable damage.