• have concluded that Google Books does not violate the laws of copyright.
  • This decision ends more than a decade of litigation.
  • The demand had already been rejected before by two courts of New York.

the US Supreme Court on Monday endorsed the draft google for digitize millions of books to reject that violate the laws of copyright, as claimed by the Authors Guild country.

This decision by the highest court ends more than a decade of litigation and represents a major victory for the technology giant and its project to digitize books Google books.

“Revision denied”, ruled the Supreme Court in a short notice, with which left in force a sentence October 2015 of the Court of Appeals for the second district of New York for the draft of the technology giant.

Authors Guild US, the organization with the largest number of writers, asked in December 2015 the Supreme Court to analyze the case because Google deprives them of benefits and violates “clear and blatant form” the law of copyright, as argued in papers filed in court.

the portal Google Books offers basic information , as the author, publisher and date of publication a book, but also includes in some cases links to websites where Internet users can purchase the book or may, if it is not protected by copyright, read or download it.

the petition to the Supreme Court of the authors Guild had the support of prominent authors, including the Nobel prize for Literature, J. M. Coetzee , the Canadian novelist Margaret Atwood, American journalist Diane McWhorter and Stephen Sondheim, the legendary author of the music of Into the Woods . The authors sued the technology giant 2005 , a year after the launch of the project Google Books.

In 2013, the court for the Eastern District of New York rejected demand , prompting artists would come to the Court of Appeals for the second district of New York, which rejected the demand and made them ask for help finally the Supreme Court.

Google, based Mountain view (California), said in a statement its satisfaction with the decision of the high court that under his view, concludes that “Google Books is a transformer project and compatible with copyright “.

” the product acts as a card catalog in the digital age , offering people a new way to find and buy books, while at the same time advance the interests of authors, “the statement added.

on the contrary, the president of the authors Guild, Roxana Robinson, considered in a statement that the decision of the high court implies a” colossal waste “ to the world of the authors. “The refusal to review the case is further proof that we are witnessing a vast redistribution of wealth in the creative sector the technology sector, not only with books, but across the spectrum of the arts,” reflected Robinson a novelist US.

Google has digitized more than 20 million books since 2004 , when it reached an agreement with several libraries to digitize their collections, according to court documents.