• The small is called Hong Kong, is 4 months old and was born with 15 fingers on his hands and 16 on his feet.
  • Doctors diagnosed a . disease called polidactilismo ‘
  • The condition is hereditary, his mother has six fingers on each limb

has four months living in China and was born in Pingjiang County, Hunan province with a total of 31 fingers the hands and feet. The small is called Hong Kong , born in January with 15 fingers on his hands and 16 in your feet . also has two palms on each hand, which thumbs do not appear.

doctors diagnosed a Hong a disease called ‘ polidactilismo ‘, a congenital condition that occurs in humans, dogs and cats, giving them extra fingers and toes . is a rare condition, affecting one of every 1,000 births according to a report published by the Atlanta Child health .

Often, additional extreme surgically , as we are expecting the s parents Hong until they are removed raise enough money so that your child can undergo the operation that will change your life.

the condition is usually spread between family hereditary -that – , as in the case of Hong Hong. The child’s mother also has ‘polidactilismo’, with six fingers and feet. While Hong Kong was pregnant, she and her husband were worried that their son would inherit the condition as finally happened.

From delpequeño birth, parents have sought medical advice on how to treat your child but as stated the child’s father, Zou Chenglin, CNN, at the moment “ Hong Hong is too young for surgery “.

The operation could cost up to 200,000 yuan Chinese (about $ 30,000), said the child’s father. The couple browsing the Internet for help, and have so far raised more than 40,000 yuan ($ 6,000) through donations online . However, after much effort they have decided to stop collections through crowdfunding because of unfortunate comments about his collection.