• Ismael Arregui ensures that initiate the necessary steps so that the wedding would be held in a few days.
  • Further requests that Maloma can express freely if wants to or not back.
  • She takes five months supposedly held by his biological family in the Sahara.

Ismael Arregui, the couple Maloma Morales, the young neighbor of Mairena del Alcor (Sevilla) retained allegedly by her biological family in the Sahara since 12 December, will be converted to Islam to marry the girl and the family access to return to Spain.

This has been communicated to Efe Arregui, who said that “if the condition that puts the biological family is that she does not live with someone without being married by Muslim rites, I am ready to start and the necessary steps, and we were married in a few days, no problem. “

As such links do not require only that the couple is present at while at the ceremony, Ismael Arregui has indicated that at the time you have finished the process to convert to Islam it shall, and in that instant “ask permission from the family to marry, I will raise the dowry and will do needed for the wedding celebration “.

Arregui added that he is willing to go through the process of conversion to Islam to get an end to this matter,” and if Maloma does not want to Spain, accept it, but I want to say it freely, without any pressure , since in the videos that have been seen of her I do not know my partner, but a person awestruck that does not look at the camera, not gestures, and just repeat memorized phrases or she is reading “.

on Wednesday, Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo said Maloma must do “whatever they want freely” and it is shuffled to make a statement at the UN office to express their will.