• The offender has failed to reach the reporter.
  • Yes was wounded, mild, another journalist who was near the target.
  • the event took place in front of the courthouse in Istanbul.

a person has soared Friday against the renowned Turkish journalist Can Dündar , without hitting him, during a break in the trial that the reporter faces in an Istanbul court for revealing secrets.

The assailant fired twice his weapon against Dündar but only wounded mild another journalist NTV, and was arrested immediately explained Dündar own in conversation phone.

The event took place in front of the courthouse in Istanbul, during a recess of the trial Dündar and Erdem Gul, for the prosecution asks 25 and 10 years in prison , respectively.

Both journalists are accused of “revealing state secrets” to be published in May 2015, in the journal Cumhuriyet , images of a course shipment of arms from Turkey to Syria , in January 2014 and escorted by agents of the secret services.

“We were leaving the courtroom for tea went with my wife, when a man approached and shouted. ” You’re a traitor “ and shot me I was not achieved. . the bullet hit a colleague, “said the journalist.

“First my wife lunged at the gunman, then a deputy (who was attending the trial) grabbed him from behind. I do not know, but I know who prompted him to. Those who have long been pointing out “, he said.

Dündar and Gul were arrested in November 2015 and spent three months on remand before the Supreme Court ordered his release on bail, a decision was strongly criticized by the president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan , who had arrived in the case.

The head of state declared that neither accepted nor respected the court decision, insisted that reporters should “pay dearly” and demanded lower courts that do not might regard the judgment of the Supreme.

The judgment in the controversial case, which many European officials have described as violation of freedom of the press, it was expected for Friday, with some hope of an acquittal, since the prosecution has omitted the initial charge of espionage .

The CNNTürk chain ensures that the offender has been identified as Murat Sahin 30 years, but has not yet clarified its reasons.