• The charge of search operations explains that if they are on an uninhabited island can survive.
  • The authorities have ruled that the occupants of the boat were captured by pirates belonging to the Philippine jihadist group Abu Sayyaf.
  • A group of divers search the boat with two Spanish that sank in Malaysia.

the head of the rescuers said Tuesday that it does not lose hope of find life to the occupants of the boat disappeared with four people on board, including two Spaniards, more than a week ago east Malaysia.

“we are in search operations always positive, remain hopeful until the end “, said by telephone Efe Malaysian Admiral Mohamad Zubil bin Matsom, in charge of search operations.

“Malaysia is a tropical country with plenty of water, if they are on some uninhabited island can survive ” said Zubil, adding that trust that teams locate soon the remains of the boat.

However, he acknowledged that both boats of the maritime authority, fishing, helicopters and planes have toured the nearby islands and have not found trace of the missing .

the boat, 12 to 15 meters in length, disappeared Monday while sailing between the island of Balambangan and the district of Kudat in northeastern Borneo, a path that runs in about two hours .

Problem engines

they were traveling in the boat, the Spanish Marta Miguel, her boyfriend David Hernandez, Chinese citizen Tommy Lam and Malaysian Armella Ali Hassan.

the authorities believe the boat had a problem in engines and capsized shortly after leaving Balambangan.

Some fishermen claimed Sunday that the boat became entangled in their nets , but could only rescue the auxiliary engine Yamaha, which was identified by the family of Lam, owner of a hotel in Kudat.

from the beginning, the Malaysian authorities ruled out the hypothesis that the four occupants were captured by pirates in waters in an area near the border with the Philippines where Filipino jihadist Abu Sayyaf group has carried out several kidnappings.