• Wikileaks says Temer has become president after a parliamentary coup.
  • Temer will eliminate 4,000 public jobs among many other cuts.
  • Brazilian social movements warn: “now is the fight” against Temer
  • Brazil: new government without women and ministers under fire for corruption

Michel Temer

The acting president of Brazil, Michel Temer , who took office after a maneuver controversial impeachment against Dilma Rousseff , was an informant for the US, he recalled Wikileaks this weekend.

According to the website that publishes leaks around the world, Michel Temer, as a federal deputy, allegedly exchanged several telegrams with the US consul General, Christopher Muller. Information that was already published in 2011 but Wikileaks recalled Friday with a tweet.

In telegrams, Temer have claimed that the then president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva had a disappointing performance and this offered an opportunity for the PMDB launched its own candidate in the next election.

at the time Temer denied having held these talks and said that Wikileaks had obtained quotes from press interviews.

the Wikileaks tweet also says Temer has become president after a “parliamentary coup”.

the political maneuver that ended the suspension of the mandate of Dilma Rousseff has caused international concern while some rise in the bags .

60% of the deputies and senators who voted for the impeachment of president-elect faces charges in court, many for corruption .

own Temer was quoted in the anti-corruption operation “Lava-Jato” which investigates dragged Lula and Rousseff, as well as several ministers of his new government.

The presidency Temer has caused mixed reactions among its neighbors. On the one hand Mauricio Macri , president of Argentina, was the first to congratulate . On the other Uruguay , the president’s party Tabare Vazquez , the Frente Amplio, denounced the “coup” and expressed AOPO Rousseff.