• The Viennese academic system rejected by the landscape architect Theodor von Hörmann (1840-1895), who painted getting out of the limits of the dominant realism.
  • Passed four years in France and strengthened its style there when he came into contract with the then unpopular impressionism.
  • the Leopold museum in Vienna organized the first major exhibition about the author, which paved the way to Viennese modernism, but died before you can enjoy it.

In imperial Vienna, the Austrian Theodor von Hörmann (1840-1895) I had everything against to succeed. Scholars of the Künstlerhaus Wien (the official association of artists) system rejected by the audacity of the painter’s works. The same happened in those years with all renovadora intention: in the Paris Salon, the official art exhibition of the Academy of Fine Arts of the French capital, critics ensañaban with Édouard Manet, which is now considered the first modern master .

Von Hörmann radiography reality without pretending to be photographic. It is neat but shows you know muss , flower gardens and orchards masses are dense and diffuse, yet every detail is there for whoever wants to look. In the century realist painting, the landscape painter born in Imst (a small village in the Austrian Tyrol) painted getting out of the limits of simple representation.

“One of the most unusual and autonomous”

the first major exhibition about the author, Theodor von Hörmann – von Paris zur Secession ( From Paris to the Secession ) remains running until August 29 in the Leopold Museum in Vienna stoking interest by which viewed from the gallery as “one of the most unusual and independent artists of the late nineteenth century.”

He lived in France between 1886 and 1890, he spent time in Paris and visited key Impressionist movement as the village of Barbizon, a retreat for those rebel painters places already in Romanticism did not want to know anything about academies.

After Munich and Dachau traveled, the town -before then be contaminated by the atrocity of the first concentration camp of Nazism harbored an active colony of artists announced the intention to transfer the reality and flood the art of symbols .

Impressionism winter

Without wanting to return to the rigid Vienna, settled in Znojmo , a city in the Czech region of South Moravia, not far from Austria, which adopted as an artistic haven. The exhibition presents a generous number of Znojmo landscapes ranging from the spongy country beauty the hardest winter landscape. The latter works impressionism move to little festive climatic conditions , opposite the spring hedonism scenes Monet or Degas.

As it happened to some of the most notable artists time Manet, Gauguin … The most extreme case is Van Gogh perhaps was underrated until after his death. Always attentive to the winds of change , he opened a gallery of modern art and was a founder of the Vienna Secession movement, which became the most innovative with Gustav Klimt and daring designers as Koloman Moser. Von Hörmann paved the way but dying just as modernity gained strength, could not enjoy it.