• Police in Rio de Janeiro investigates the source of a video in which a 17 year old girl appears naked and apparently drugged.
  • One of the people who shared the video via social networks said that 30 men sexually abused the girl.
  • UN Brazil has ruled demanding the authorities “gender perspective” and contraception for girls.

& quot; Violation never & quot ;: commotion in Brazil for gang rape

a 17-year confirmed Thursday in testimony to the police that was raped by about 30 men in Rio de Janeiro after abuses were documented in a video released on social networks , in a case that has caused consternation in Brazil.

the collective rape is investigated since Wednesday when many people denounced the circulation of a video on social networks in which the girl appears naked and swooning with its genitals bleeding , while recording the author says that she was raped by at least 30 men. has not disclosed the identity of the victim is not yet known and the aggressors. It also investigates who shared the video on Twitter.

Drugged and missing

young was located by police in the early hours of Thursday , although his family says he was missing since the weekend. in his remarks the slightest said she was drugged and raped by several men after having gone home last Saturday her boyfriend in Jacarepagua, a neighborhood in the north of Rio de Janeiro.

He added that he does not remember well what happened since then but at a time when he awoke, and Sunday saw she was naked and doped on a bed in a room with 33 men , some of them armed with rifles and pistols, in a house in a favela. Said he did not know how it got there and when I had conditions fled the room without facing any resistance.

In the hospital where he underwent tests corpus delicti, the teenager took a cocktail medicines intended to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and possible pregnancy .

UN calls “gender perspective”

But besides the news came accompanied by another gang rape, in this case 5 other young men in the state of Piaui. The repetition of cases like these have made the same day, the UN rule on the horror of gang rape.

The organization UN Mulheres requires public powers investigate cases “including the gender perspective” and make effective attention to victims, including “prophylaxis of pregnancy” or the so-called morning-after pill .

and that’s where jump sparks, because a bill promoted by Eduardo Cunha (who also drove the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff) and supported by the bench evangelical and other conservative factions of Brazil , complicates the process for the medical care of victims of rape and endurecelas penalties for abortion .

Viral and cheered on Twitter

The images were shared by social networks and caused a stir among netizens coming to stand as the fourth trending topic in Brazil. According to the newspaper O Globo, one of the netizens who shared the images claimed that 30 men sexually abused her . “Aplasataron the girl, do you understand or not? (Laughs)” , said the commentary.

The circulation of the video generated numerous protests, mainly from feminist groups, who demanded an immediate investigation.
The Public Ministry received about 800 complaints and own address Twitter blocked the video to prevent its movement as well as the account initially reported it.

Of course the suspended president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, repudiation expressed in a message on Twitter in which he said “it is unacceptable that crimes like this keep happening.” “Once again reaffirm my repudiation of violence against women. We need to fight, expose and punish this crime,” said two weeks ago Brazilian president.

And Dilma has not been far from the only sentence. Tuiteras tweeters and especially condemned “rape culture” and hashtags #RaivaComRazao (rabies rightly) and #EstuproNucaMais (rape anymore).