• A businessman handing prior alms to the month of Ramadan at a local and the crowd that gathered at the site caused a stampede.
  • in addition to the eight dead were at least twenty wounded.
  • operations charity and beneficence multiply throughout the Muslim world Ramadan, which starts next Monday.

Last Friday ramadan

Eight people have died Wednesday in Nouakchott crushed by a crowd that gathered in a room where businessman handing out alms prior to the month of Ramadan, according to related web journal Al Akhbar .

in addition to the dead, there is at least twenty wounded (women and including children), many of them in serious condition, which needed attention at the Central Hospital of the Mauritanian capital.

the charitable operation was proceeding with the assistance of the police , but could not prevent a person from falling to the ground and others stumble over it, causing the death by asphyxiation of several of them.

Just knowing the facts, Interior Minister he rushed to the scene, accompanied by several police officials to study how faults had happened.

operations charity and beneficence multiply throughout the Muslim before world during the month of Ramadan (beginning next Monday ), and it is common for entrepreneurs and wealthy individuals deliver food to the poor.