• The CEO of Dorna, Carmelo Ezpeleta, says study the telemetry to find the reasons of the accident.
  • “We said we could not carry such which the Grand Prix, because it could happen again although chances were negligible, “Ezpeleta said.
  • Warns that the layout of the Formula 1″ is not definitive for the future. “

accident Salom

the CEO of Dorna, Carmelo Ezpeleta , said on Saturday that still unaware of the reason for the accident that ended on Friday with the life of the Spanish Moto2 rider Luis Salom, added that full consideration to what happened and, on the other hand, explained that no pilot safety commission chose to cancel the Grand Prix of Catalunya.

” in the security Commission, made by the FIM and of which we are part Dorna, pilots and managers circuit safety, we discuss how was the situation, but today (Saturday) we have no explanation for what happened in the accident , we will study the telemetry but there is still no explanation “, said at a news conference.

so, despite not knowing the origin of the accident, said they decided to change the and choose the layout of Formula 1, slower and safe and avoid the fatal curve 12, for safety reasons. “Although it is not sure what happened, said that could not continue as is with the Grand Prix , because it could happen again although chances were negligible, and decided to change the route,” he said .

“we talk to the pilots of what happened, stop deciding whether to go with the Grand Prix or not. we also asked the team of Luis Salom, with Edu Perales, and told that the decision of the Security Commission would be right for the team. we worked together until very late and have chosen the best solutions . No pilot decided yesterday (Friday) clearly cancel Grand Prix “he reeled off.

of course, the layout of the Formula 1″ is not definitive for the future. ” “These two chicanes were tested two years ago, was a proposal, and were not the same as those that will be used today because we’ve done a lot of work and changes. Finally unanimously proposed pilots were accepted, some wall moved the first chicane, some wall moved. also put gravel and ‘air fence’ “explained the changes in the layout.

on the other hand, he said “it is not easy” for anyone pull forward after what happened. “All the systems we have to try to protect the lives of the pilots worked very well, assistants and doctors came very fast, as stated in the medical yesterday statement (Friday). We also transport to the hospital was good, we want to thank the Mossos d’Esquadra who tried was reached as quickly “, commented on the security plan.

he also said that tried to handle the situation” best “that they knew. “The number of times that the images of the closed circuit see me does not matter right now, we have other more important things to worry ” he said when asked why was the video of the accident the MotoGP website.

Meanwhile, the head of the security committee of the FIM, Franco Uncini , made landfall who will decide after the Grand Prix if they will opt for the following years by the route used after the accident or the previous, the usual MotoGP. “After the race we will decide with the pilots, when we have more information about you and also about what happened in the accident, if it is better to keep this new layout or return to the previous, usual in MotoGP,” he said.

“we are very pleased with the security . But we must continue working in every way to improve it, such as ‘air fence’. But we never stop working to have more security,” he said in this regard the safety officer of the International Motorcycling Federation.