• The worst mistake for the Uruguayan team, enfrentadísima with Chile from “the finger of Jara”

An error in the previous game Mexico-Uruguay Copa America Centenario, when the public address of the University of Phoenix Stadium rang anthem of Chile instead of the celestial selection, caused a stir in social networks, where pleasantries were mixed with other full of indignation.

After hearing the first chords, the confusion took over the faces of the Uruguayan players and fans of that country present in the stands, which endured as could a hymn that was not his until he finished sound the national anthem of Chile written by the poet Eusebio Lillo and whose chorus corresponds to Bernardo de Vera and Pintado.

quickly, social networks they were filled with comments alluding to the error of the organization mainly from Chile, where grateful they chose their national anthem to the Uruguayans, who in turn mostly expressed dissatisfaction and considered disrespectful.

After “Jara finger”

the Charruas fans do not have much affinity with the Chilean national team. An example of this is that when the last final of the Copa America, which pitted Argentina and Chile, disputed many Uruguayan fans advocated a victory of the Albiceleste, although, having won, would have equaled the 15 titles of Uruguay in the Copa America, making it the most successful team in the competition.

in addition, it also sparks flew between the two teams in the last America’s Cup, when the defender Gonzalo Jara stuck a finger between the buttocks striker Edinson Cavani , which eventually expelled