• Permits already granted on the occasion of the feast of Ramadan.
  • At least four dead and six people were injured in an attack on a center . commercial Tel Aviv
  • Netanyahu, the prime minister, announces “offensive and defensive” measures

reduced security matters Israeli government cabinet canceled Thursday more than 80,000 permissions that had been granted to Palestinians because of the feast of Ramadan , reported the office Prime Minister.

the decision also includes the suspension of work permits of the families of the two attackers, and greater deployment of forces in the southern West Bank for prevent the entry of Palestinians in Israeli territory .

Israel had granted transit permits to streamline the displacement of Palestinians during the fasting month , allowing them to cross through its territory to be reunited with their relatives in Gaza and the West Bank.

at the meeting, the most prominent government ministers listened to the valuation of the high command and its recommendations on security measures. According to the statement, the cabinet decided to impose the blockade of the town of Yatta , in which resided the attackers and since last night is taken by the Army, and also cancel the work permits of family clan they belonged.

“it has imposed a complete blockade the village of Yatta and have been revoked work permits Clan of the two terrorists,” says the press release.

the meeting also addressed the situation of the gaps that exist in the separation barrier between Israel and the Palestinian territory, apparently allowed the attackers to reach Tel Aviv , just 75 kilometers.

According to the government’s plans before the attack, on June 28 should begin work to close that falls short of Yatta. In that sense, the Israeli government decided on Thursday to deploy more forces in the area until work is completed.