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  • The presenter made a careless during a program on Fox Sports.
  • lack of dress up inadvertently and revolutionized social networks.
  • Argentina Alina is a well known journalist and lingerie model.

The well-known sports journalist Argentina, Alina Moine , has revolutionized social networks by carelessness during a live broadcast on FOX Olympic program on Fox Sports.

Alina, who is also a professional model and has participated in advertising campaigns lingerie firm Selu, made a careless straight to jump skirt dress inadvertently and taught panties entire audience.

Soon the video then jumped to social networks, where has been shared thousands of times . In Youtube video Alina oversight has exceeded half a million views.

Argentina journalist was taken humorously that involuntary and fleeting live striptease. “The only thing I regret is not having been wearing a thong cute. Here in the channel all charged me for that,” he joked.