• The leader of the British Labour Party rule out the possibility of resigning.
  • Criticism has also fattened around their role in the referendum on . the European Union
  • “I will continue to defend the unity and that Labour can offer the UK,” said

the leader of the British Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn , dismissed the possibility of resigning to criticism that has generated its role in the referendum campaign on the Union European (EU) and called for “unity” to members of their training.

“I will continue. I am defending the unity, defending what Labour can offer the UK,” he said in an interview with TV Channel 4 when asked about his continuity at the head of training.

Corbyn said his party must work now to advance trade agreements the United Kingdom “with Europe and of course, with other parts of the world. ” “If not we a good solution to the issue of trade will have a real problem in this country,” he said.

Various figures from the Labor Party have criticized the lack of enthusiasm of Corbyn, eurosceptic veteran, when trying to convince supporters of training to vote to remain in the European Union (EU).

Two Labour MPs, Margaret Hodge and Ann Coffey , was transferred to the chairman of its parliamentary group, John Cryer , a letter in which ask the leader to undergo a confidence vote . “The European referendum was a test of his leadership. I think Jeremy has suspended the review,” Hodge told ITV, adding also that “went too slowly, was unenthusiastic in the campaign and Labour voters simply did not understand the message “.

Corbyn asked for its part the deputy that” think for a moment “whether to go ahead with the motion.” a prime minister ‘tory’ ( David Cameron ) has resigned, the UK has voted to leave the European Union, there are enormous political problems that must be addressed. is it really a good idea to open a great debate in the Labour Party, when I was elected less than a year ago for mandate? place, “he questioned.

Corbyn received instead the support of some of the biggest British trade unions, including unite and Unison, which urged the party to unite around their leader.