• The incident occurred this week in a suburb of Minneapolis and were recorded live by the girlfriend of the victim.
  • According to lawyer Thomas Kelly, agent who shot the black driver is distressed and sad.
  • Diamond Reynolds, the girlfriend of the deceased, Philando Castile, has said that her boyfriend was licensed to carry a gun.

Death of a black citizen in Minessotta

the lawyer Minneapolis police this last week killed a black driver has argued that the agent reacted and fired before the weapon wearing man , not their race.

Speaking to the AP, Thomas Kelly has indicated that his client, the agent Jeronimo Yanez, reacted to “the presence of that gun and exposing the gun “when he opened fire on Philando Castile.

According to Kelly, Yanez is distressed and sad after the shooting in Falcon Heights, a suburb of Minneapolis. Depending on the version of the authorities, Yanez approached the car of Castile by the driver’s side while another officer was on the passenger side. It was at that moment when Yanez opened fire Castile , mortally wounding him.

Diamond Reynolds, the girlfriend of Castile, has said that the deceased was licensed to carry a gun . Reynolds was in the vehicle when the incident took place and recorded the shooting live through Facebook.

The images released show Reynolds sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle with her boyfriend, still I live in the driver’s seat and a bloodstained white T . also they appreciate the hands of a visibly nervous, agent pointing a gun at Castile, which remains inside the vehicle in silence with the seat belt and the torso up back.

in the video, Reynolds explains that Castile was looking for his wallet to show an identification document to the agent and told him he had a gun because he had license to do so, to what the police ordered him that carry the hands to the head. Then, according to his version, the agent shot “four or five times”.