• The authorities have named him as a “murderer on city map series.”
  • is a man “white or Hispanic” by offering a reward of 30,000 dollars.

the Police Phoenix (Arizona) related to a mysterious serial murderer with seven murders without resolve occurred in the capital of the state of the US between March and June.

Law enforcement authorities offered, in a statement, a chronology of l os eight attacks that imputes the already dubbed “murderer in street series” forever act against persons entering or leaving their homes, vehicles or walking down the street.

According to the police report, the murderer would have acted first once the March 17 before midnight, the hurt of bullet to a young man walking down the street, an action repeated with a new victim the next day, but both survived.

After a little more than 10 days, on April 1, the individual murdered his first victim, a man identified as Diego Verdugo, outside his home.

authorities also blame him for the murders of Krystal White (April 19), Horacio de Jesus Peña (June 3), Manuel Castro (June 10) and Angela Linner, Stefanie Ellis and Maleah Ellis, the latter 12 years, on June 12 in the same incident.

in addition, they link with the shooting of a vehicle without occupants that day, on June 12. In total, they are attributed seven murders in eight attacks all occurred at night or early morning.

Although the identity of the “ murderer in street number ” it is still a mystery, authorities released a sketch of the suspect, a man “white or Hispanic,” by which they offered a reward of $ 30,000.

“Someone out there knows who did it. we need call us and help us solve these cases , to do justice and to prevent further violence, “said police chief of Phoenix, Joseph Yahner, to call on the cooperation of citizens.