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  • USA, Russia, China, the UN and the EU support the government of Erdogan after the attempted coup that has left more than 200 dead.
  • the President of the European Council notes that the reaction of the Turkish government will be “crucial” for the area and for its relations with the EU.
  • Greece and Iran, neighboring Turkey, ask restore democracy in the country.
  • Who is behind the coup? | PHOTOS: This has been the attempted putsch

the international community has shown in the last hours its support elected government of Turkey and has unanimously condemned the failed attempt of military coup against the cabinet of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s conservative Justice and Development Party.

the US, Russia, France , Germany, United Kingdom, Greece, Spain, Mexico, Iran, Argentina, Venezuela and Guatemala, besides the United Nations (UN) and the European Union, demanded the restoration of constitutional order in the country, which has experienced a revolt paid off with nearly 200 dead and more than 1,500 military detainees.

the UN secretary General Ban Ki-moon appealed to respect the “fundamental rights” in Turkey and considered “unacceptable” military interference.

US President Barack Obama said that all parties Turkey should support the democratically elected Government and avoid “any violence or bloodshed” . Obama telephoned his secretary of state, John Kerry, who is in Moscow and forwarded to the responsible Turkish Foreign Mevlut Cavusoglu, the “absolute support” from the US to his government.

“We we start it is necessary to avoid any bloody confrontation and to solve all the problems in each country solely on the constituciona framework l “said Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister. “China is closely following the situation in Turkey. We hope that order and stability are restored as soon as possible,” he said a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lu Kang.

The reaction of Turkey will ” crucial “

the European Union recalled, in a statement issued from Ulan Bator (Mongolia), where continental leaders are meeting that Turkey is a” key partner “28 He occupies, among others , managing the flow of refugees -.

the High Representative for EU Foreign Policy, Federica Mogherini, called for “restraint” and “respect for democratic institutions.” The European Council President Donald Tusk warned, fearing that Erdogan take the blow to increased authoritarian measures has declared in the country (closure of media control of information) that the way Turkey managed the crisis and its consequences will be “crucial” for the country, for the region and for its relations with the EU, in which the Ottoman country aspires to join in the near future.

the French Foreign Ministry issued a brief statement in which he called “avoid violence” . The German Government soliticó “do whatever is necessary” to protect human lives. The newly appointed minister of British Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson reiterated the country’s support to the “democratically elected government” in Turkey, after talking with his counterpart Cavusoglu. The Spanish incumbent president, Mariano Rajoy, showed his support for constitutional democracy in Turkey, which he called “friend and ally”.

Fear of instability

The coup State has caused concern from bordering countries. Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras , sent a message of support to the Turkish executive to explain that Greece is “on the side of democracy and constitutional legality”. Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohamad Javad Zarif , also rejected the putsch and stressed that now “stability, democracy and security of the Turks” is the highest priority. “Coups not take place in the region. They are doomed to failure,” he said.