• More than 10,000 people have been arrested after the failed coup.
  • Lawyers, doctors and officials in detention centers for torture, beatings and rape speak.
  • the Turkish justice ordered the arrest of 42 employees of media communication.
  • Mass demonstration of Turkish opposition “against shocks” and against “the dictatorship.

the opposition in Turkey

Amnesty International has gathered evidence showing that those detained for their alleged involvement in the attempted coup of July 15 are being subjected to arrests arbitrary, torture, rape and even forced disappearances . More than 10,000 people have been arrested after the failed coup. Among many journalists they are, as 42 media workers comunciación whose arrest was ordered Monday by the Turkish justice, mostly from media business empire linked to the brotherhood of Fethullah Gulen, the preacher exiled to Ankara accuses of masterminding the failed military coup of July 15.

“the police maintained detainees in uncomfortable positions, denied food, water and medical treatment, are subjected to insults and threatened, beaten and tortured with practices involving rape and sexual assault, “denounces the international organization.

the suspects are held in prisons and police stations, but also in informal centers such as gymnasiums, barns and halls of courthouses, without access to private lawyers, only the Bar Association, and many sometimes without access to a lawyer or contact with their families. In fact, many of them have not been informed of the charges of which they are accused.

The Amnesty report has been prepared from the testimony of lawyers, doctors and officials of detention. They have spoken on condition of anonymity because they feared for their safety.

Two lawyers Ankara have reported that their customers have claimed to have seen several senior military officers were raped with truncheons or finger by police. a worker Ankara police Headquarters reported that between 650 and 800 soldiers held in the gym of the station and up to 300 have obvious signs of having been beaten.

Many of them have visible bruises, cuts or fractures and 40 are so badly injured that they can not walk. One with a visible swelling in the head could not get up and focus the light and ended up passing out. The source says he heard a police doctor say, “. They die We shall say that he got killed.” The police themselves boast in talks that have beaten detainees “to speak” as long as the worker consulted by Amnesty.

irregular judicial processes

lawyers say moreover that many of the detainees come to the view with the bloody shirt. a lawyer Court Caglayan Istanbul has reported that one of the detainees tried to jump out the window of a sixth floor and another kept hitting the wall with his head.

in addition, the defendants before the court in groups of up to 20 and 25 people, hindering the right to a fair trial and judges ordered detention without bail for any military to come out of their base in the afternoon of the coup regardless of their motives. “Arresting people without criminal charges and without demonstrating that you have evidence of criminal acts is by definition arbitrary and illegal,” added Dalhuisen. “It is necessary to investigate these irregular and apparently systematic practice”, he warned.

Amnesty also denounced the government decree extended from 4 to 30 days the period available to the security forces before having to submit to suspect in court. “This change exposes detainees to the risk of further torture and mistreatment,” he argues. In addition, the decree authorizes monitor even in person meetings between defendants and lawyers.

“Despite the shocking images and videos of torture that have been in the country the Government maintains a silence clearly these abuses. Do not condemn mistreatment or torture in these circumstances means indulging them, “he argued the director for Europe Amnesty International, John Dalhuisen.

in response to this situation, Amnesty proposed intervention Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT), that has the capacity to pay unannounced visits to detention centers in Turkey under its membership of the Council of Europe. “The Turkish government has an obligation to cooperate with the CPT

211 layoffs at Turkish Airlines

on the other hand, the airline Turkish flag Turkish Airlines has laid off about 211 employees by suspicion of having links with the brotherhood Gülen , reported local media. According to the newspaper Sabah , employees, including senior officials of the airline were summoned on Sunday to end their contracts, in some cases by “inefficiency” labor and other by links with the network of Gülen.

daily Sözcü , citing the page Airporthaber says that in total have been laid off 211 workers in the company, including pilots. He adds that among senior dismissed charges the company vice president, Coskun Kilic, far not confirmed so far by the company, and other charges is highest level in management. Turkish Airlines has about 27,000 employees , including more than 4,000 pilots and 8,000 flight attendants, according to the company.