• Ensure that the young man acted at the request of the Islamic State.
  • An autopsy has revealed war wounds in the legs and feet.
  • he came to Germany from the Syrian city of Aleppo
  • 15 injured by detonating explosives in a outdoor festival in Germany
  • refugee crisis.. the challenge of integration jihadist coladero.

Attack in Ansbach

The news agency Amaq linked to the jihadist group Islamic State (EI), said this Monday the young suicide yesterday detonated an explosive device in the town of Ansbach in southern Germany, acted at the request of the organization.

“the author of the martyrdom operation in Ansbach is one of soldiers EI “said the agency, adding that carried out this operation” in response to calls (EI) to attack the coalition countries (international) fight against EI “in Iraq and Syria.

the agency issued a brief statement in the social networks in which quotes a source anonymous security and does not offer more details about the young .

Meanwhile, the German police found on the mobile young video which threatened in Arabic with an attack in Germany in the name of Islam and follower declared Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of EI.

the applicant Syrian asylum from the city of Aleppo , in the north of the country, also had a laptop with images of violence related to the terrorist group.

in addition, researchers have found various materials capable of being used for bombs in the room occupied in a hostel Ansbach.

According to the autopsy, the 27-year-old had “war wounds” in the legs and feet, but is still investigating whether he had participated in fighting in Syria.
The young man came to Germany two years ago and his asylum application was rejected makes one, so he should be deported to Bulgaria, but currently residing in a shelter for refugees.
It had a police record, had attempted suicide twice and had been in psychiatric treatment.
Yesterday was exploded a homemade bomb that wounded 15 people near a music festival outdoors in Ansbach, a town of about 40,000 inhabitants of the state of Bavaria, in southern Germany.