• The souvenir shop sells harmless replicas of their weapons.
  • Located in the greater Moscow airport.
  • the colorful space of 58m 2 , you can also buy camouflage clothing, watches and handbags

The manufacturer of Russian arms Kalashnikov, known for his assault rifle AK-47, opened its first store, where harmless imitations are sold.

the location of the shop controversy is the airport Sheremetyevo , the largest airport Moscow.

the space consists of 58m 2 and responds to the strategy of the firm broad state participation more potential customers to those who do not have weapons but they want to have a replica famous missile assault Russian or any other brand product that not only sells weapons.

the store, very colorful , reminiscent of an Apple Store and not only sells replicas of the famous assault rifle, but also camouflage clothing, watches and handbags design .

in addition, the strategy to expand its customer base expands with the recent opening also a Store online .