• The attacker, 70, entered the hospital of Izola and asked to speak with your urologist.
  • The victim, Dr. Luis Guillermo Martinez Bustamante , received seven bullets in the chest and head.
  • the man fled in a car and probably was shot dead by police, although it is not excluded that killed himself.

the Mexican-Slovenian doctor Luis Guillermo Martinez Bustamante, 36 years old, died in hospital in the Slovenian town of Izola because of the injuries sustained by gunfire meaning of one of his patients, reported Tuesday the daily Delo Ljubljana.

the police announced Tuesday that it has opened an investigation to clarify the facts in connection with this murder, perpetrated by Darko Gregoric, a Slovene 70 years of a town near Izola, lies last in the Adriatic sea.

the attacker entered Monday afternoon in hospital Izola and asked to speak to your doctor , a specialist in urology, against then fired seven bullets to the chest and head.

So far unknown reasons of this murder.

a team of doctors from Ljubljana flew by helicopter to Izola to operate and try to save his life, but the victim succumbed night at multiple injuries.

According to the Slovenian press, the deceased was one of the doctors best seen and appreciated hospital Izola, so his murder has left consternation in the region.

the attacker, which it is known that he had been a member of the reserve police in the past ten years robbed a post office and also killed a policeman and wounded another, fled in a car and died probably shot by police while still has not been ruled out has been fully committed suicide.