• “have been devalued a lot, especially Zapatero, as mediators have failed to exercise a role that has lagged behind, sad, mediocre” said the head of the majority faction in Parliament
  • Capriles. “If you’re so worried not have gone before the march”
  • However, Zapatero expects the dialogue “take fluidity” in Venezuela..

Zapatero and Maduro

Several opposition leaders in Venezuela reacted Tuesday before the arrival of former president of the Spanish government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, who is the mediator to promote a political dialogue in the country under the auspices of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur).

the Spanish president landed at the Simon Bolivar international airport serving Caracas where said is “ working so that there results in the dialogue,” adding that the months of September and October will be “very important” to accomplish this task.

However, opposition representatives Venezuelan as the deputy Julio Borges, leader of the majority faction of Parliament, questioned their offices as mediator , as well as the presidents Leonel Fernandez (Dominican Republic) and Martin Torrijos (Panama), all designed to this mission.

I do not understand what is , I feel I have depreciated a lot, especially if Zapatero who wanted to be a mediator, I have no idea what their agenda is as mediators have failed to exercise that role, I think it’s a role that has lagged behind, sad, mediocre “, said opposition to the private station Union Radio.

Capriles also questions you

a similar stance assumed the governor of central Miranda state and two time presidential candidate, Henrique Capriles , who asked Zapatero explanations about his travels to Venezuela because, he said, “ if you’re so concerned with the situation in the country had not gone before the world day September 1 “.

So Capriles questioned the one-day visit made by the Spanish exmandatario the South american country the August 30 on the eve of the so-called” Taking Caracas, “a mass protest that was held in the Venezuelan capital to press for a referendum to revoke President Nicolas Maduro.

in this regard, Rodriguez Zapatero said yesterday that on his previous visit “ways of doing addressed demonstrations “and that after the demonstrations of Chavez and the opposition on September 1 balance was positive because both passed off peacefully.

in addition, clarified that he travels to Venezuela every week as part of their mediating task, that always meets with government representatives, almost always with President Maduro, and that this time hopes to work with Chavez and “of course with the opposition.”

But in this sense, the executive secretary of the Bureau opposition alliance Democratic Unity (MUD), Jesus Torrealba, said ignoring any details on the visit of Rodriguez Zapatero, although said to have understood that follows a call made him the government.

Meanwhile, the president of the Venezuelan parliament, the opposition Henry Ramos, he told reporters today that he had scheduled to meet with Spanish politician because he said, “I have not been called, not I have been summoned. “

However, although Zapatero did not want to set deadlines, expects the dialogue” take fluidity “in Venezuela, plans a “consolidation” of the talks with the participation of the Vatican, as required by the opposition, and believes that more and more willingness for dialogue by political sectors.

will follow the marches

the Venezuelan opposition will keep the calls for demonstrations streets until the Electoral Power “set clearly” dates and conditions for the collection of statements of support for the presidential recall referendum and on Wednesday it is the turn of interior.

Wednesday the opposition called a day called “the regions require” where leaders of opposition parties and citizens will to the headquarters of the National Electoral Council (CNE) of each capital.

last Thursday the inhabitants of the hinterland moved to the capital to participate in the opposition movement called ” taking Caracas “and this time the role will other cities of Venezuela, said the opposition gathered in the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD).

the conference” regions demand “seek to” replicate ” what happened in Caracas mobilization on Thursday, which the opposition said he attended 1 million about 100 thousand people.

the opposition leaders have claimed that these demonstrations are intended not only ask for dates for the collection of 20% of wills necessary to activate the referendum recall to Nicolas Maduro , but also require good conditions for this collection.

in addition to activities on Wednesday, September 7, the MUD announced that the September 14 will be a demonstration of 12 hours in “all the capitals of the state”.