• the exastronauta, which is stable, was transferred to New Zealand for medical treatment.
  • Aldrin is the second man set foot on the Moon, in 1969.
  • Despite his advanced age, is a well-known lover of sport and it was participating in a tourist expedition to Antarctica.

'Buzz' Aldrin

the American Astronaut Buzz Aldrin had to be evacuated from urgency to receive medical care after deteriorating state of health of the octogenarian while participating in a tourist expedition to Antarctica, reported Thursday from South Africa the organizer of the trip.

Aldrin, the second man in setting foot on the moon in 1969, was transferred to the American McMurdo Research Centre – located on Ross Island, Antarctica – on the first available flight, informed the company that organized the expedition, White Desert .

The astronaut, 86 years, is “stable ” and travels accompanied by a member of the team of White Desert and by a physician of the program Antarctic of the United States (USAP), to which belongs the Centre of McMurdo.

According to the American National Foundation for Science (NSF), institution of which depends on the USAP, Aldrin has been moved from McMurdo to New Zealand where he has received proper treatment.

The staff of the USAP has offered assistance to Aldrin after receiving the request from the company, so that the famous astronaut will remain under the care of physicians in the U.S. program.

White Desert will offer more information about the State of Aldrin and their journey interrupted at the South Pole once it has been treated by a medical team at McMurdo.

Aldrin was, after Neil Armstrong, the second man to set foot on the moon with the mission Apollo 11, and long ago that defends the need to give a giant step in the space race and to conquer Mars .

Former pilot of the US air force and engineer by training, Aldrin is a known sport lover and continues to maintain, despite his advanced age, a very active presence in public life.