• the Mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, will attend this Friday and Saturday at a Summit convened by the Vatican in Rome.
  • The objective is to jointly tackle the crisis of refugees in an encounter that will come more than 70 mayors of European cities.

The father Francisco cities that drive international cooperation moves to refugees and are intended to “send a message of solidarity and joint work to European populations at a time of growing confrontation speeches”, according to the city of Barcelona.

The Pope will do a reception for all attendees on Saturday during the Summit, organized by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and plan to attend the mayors and mayors of Rome, Paris, Lisbon, Berlin, Frankfurt, Lesvos, Lampedusa, Glasgow, Milan and Manchester, among others.

Colau will participate Friday in a Conference with the mayors of Rome, Virginia Raggi, and Madrid, Manuela Carmena, which will make assessment of the programme ‘ Barcelona, Ciutat Refugi ‘, launched just over one year ago.

Offer solutions

the encounter aims provide solutions to the situation of emergency and claim that local authorities may have more skills, resources, and tools to meet and welcome immigrants and refugees.

Is will address specific measures related to the establishment of safe humanitarian corridors and recognized; to respect the non-refoulement of refugee and asylum law; to the war; xenophobia; modern forms of slavery; youth unemployment and the fiscal paraises, among other issues.

Barcelona, Ciutat Refugi

the arrival of refugees in Barcelona is being so continued and sustained in time and without crowds. All actions of care to people in the city are framed within ‘Barcelona, Ciutat Refugi’ program that began more than one year to prepare the split city welcome, assist, provide the necessary services and guarantee the rights of refugees and demand that they comply with the laws of humanitarian law.

According to the latest data from October 30, 2016, the Servei d’ Atenció d’Immigrants, Emigrants i Refugiats (SAIER) had attended 1.890 refugees, which is an increase of 51 % compared to the same period of last year, and six times more than in 2012.

An increase to to the Barcelona international plan to boost cooperation with the cities receiving much of the impact of the refugee crisis through agreements with cities such as Lesvos, Athens or Lampedusa.

For example the agreement with Athens is a pioneering the Solidarity Cities initiative which promotes the direct transfer of refugees between cities of the European Union and which also form part of Amsterdam or Berlin.

Since its inception, ‘Barcelona, Ciutat Refugi’ it has boosted its presence in different international bodies as the United Nations, the European Commission or Habitat III in order to reaffirm the commitment as a welcoming city and for which European States recognise the fundamental role of cities for acorger refugees.

Nausicaa program

in parallel to the ‘Barcelona, Ciutat Refugi’ program City Council got underway in mid-2016 an own program, Nausicaa, which had an initial budget of 165,000 euros that allowed open 27 seats for the reception and attention to asylum seekers.

The Nausicaa has expanded up to 100 places of reception and care person s who have been excluded from the State protection plan that depends on the Ministry of employment and Social Security and the budget for the programme will amount to the 950,000 euros.

Nausicaa – named the program by the character in the Odyssey which, according to mythology, helped Ulysses when he came to the coast after suffering a shipwreck- has become also a platform so Barcelona asylum seekers to improve the processes of social and professional integration.

It is the case that in the last year, both from institutions working according the SAIER is detected that the program of the Ministry of employment and the safety Social leaves out some of the profiles of most vulnerable applicants by aspects related to procedures for documentation, language or problems related to the country of origin of the person who requests asylum.

Therefore the program Nausicaa includes an agreement with the person or family which includes a global workplan which shall not exceed six months.