• just proclaimed karting junior world runner-up.
  • It is 14 years old and is one of the great promises of the Spanish motor racing.

 David Vidales

after twice winning the Championship of Spain of karting as a cadet, went to live in Italy to continue to grow as a driver two years ago. And he did it because this year has been proclaimed world junior in Bahrain runner-up. David Vidales 14 lions, is one of the great promises of the Spanish motor racing.

why did to migrate to Italy?
because when I lived in Spain the majority of races made them in Italy and lost many days of school have to take planes. For my parents it was not a problem because they could work in Italy and we decided to move the family. We live in Bergamo, which has an airport with cheap flights to everywhere.

what offered you by Italy as a pilot who does not offer Spain?
All the karts are in Italy: Tony Kart, CRG, Energy, most important Championship is there and the best teams are Italians. Italy is the birthplace of karting. In Spain, we also have teams, but officials of the factories are there. A few years ago, Italian factories were racing Spain and we had a very high level of pilots, but now, I don’t know if because of the crisis, the level has dropped and almost nobody comes.

what about language and the adaptation to the new country?
already spoke a little Italian for racing that was, but knew little, only the base. Arriving in Italy, with the cole completely in Italian and running for an Italian team within two or three months already spoke it perfectly. You learn easy because it looks a lot like the Spanish. In general, the two countries are very similar, so the adaptation has been very good.

hard to combine careers with the school?
Although missing enough to class, the teachers do not me problems and change me the test dates if necessary. In that sense I help a lot, but of course, with the condition that take good notes.

and are those notes?
of time’m approving everything. At the races I take leisure to study and go well. I usually carry my things to work on the plane and the classmates I pass the duties to make them at the hotel when I have time. I know that if I’m not good racing, they finished that my parents have told me.

how is your every day in Italy? does all the weekends racing?
Almost all weekends have career. During the week, after school and homework, I go every day to the gym or to ride a bike because I like to play sports and I have to prepare myself very well physically for racing.

are the karts very demanding?
Yes, you need a very good physical shape. You have to work the neck, ribs, arms… everything. It does lack resistance because some days of training I’ve done more than 140 laps on a circuit. And the karts are powerful, this year in junior category, reached to 140 km/h.

there are many touches or foul play on the track?
Yes, karting is a contact sport. Now the FIA has released a new standard and the kart has a few front pontoons that fall when you hit very strong to the kart that you forward, then you penalize with 10 seconds.

would also have to diet?
You have to be a little careful with what you eat because in competitions the minimum weight allowed to pilot and kart is 140 pounds, I think that it is too low. I, for example, weight 54 kg and height 1,71 m, am very slender, and only took two kilos of lead as ballast to comply with the minimum weight because between me and kart we weigh 138 kg. In my category there are many riders who are overweight, if you do not want to be past you have to be very thin.

Run for Tony Kart, that is such as Mercedes in the current Formula 1 pilot…
I started the year with Energy, but in March I switched to Tony Kart. And it is not because me is, but yes, this is the best team in the world karting. It manufactures its own chassis and sells them around the world. The truth is that I am great with them and the material I have is great.

And one of their js is Ralf Schumacher, what with the brother of the kaiser?
The j of the team is when compete in Germany. It is a very close person, who is always available and that is there if you want to do anything. Ralf is the first that arrives in the morning and the last thing is going in the afternoon. With me you are wearing superbien. Furthermore, you have a child who runs in the next category and I get on great with it, sometimes I go to sleep in their house or we had dinner together.

what are your objectives for 2017?
This season has been very good while in March I changed material. But this year I have competed in junior, a category for less than 15 years, and the coming year compete in absolute category, without any age limit. I will run against riders from 20 or 25 years who are professionals in karting, to just do this, and I know that it will be much harder to win. I will try to learn as much as possible, but my objective is to win. Although it is more complicated, I’ll fight for it.

is seen in Formula 1 in the future?
That’s very hard to say. It is my dream and will have to try it, but is very difficult to get and if you don’t have someone who you support is virtually impossible. Anyway I’m still 14 years old and need much for that, long way to go.

At the moment was already doing some testing on Ferrari, how was the experience?
Tony Kart signed a collaboration agreement with Ferrari and pilots were three days in Maranello doing tests. The first day we made physical tests at the gym are there, they gave us with the monkey team clothes and everything. The next day we made mental tests and we were training with the simulator of the Ferrari Driver Academy. The last day we were on the track of Fiorano training with a Formula 4. The experience was very good. For me it was the first time that he was riding in a Formula 4 and it was great.

Would have told Ferrari that keep you a seat?
(laughs) told me that it is very early yet, I’ve got to concentrate on karting and more forward now will be.

did to Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen there?
With Vettel agree the day that Tony Kart and Ferrari announced their agreement because they organized a day of training between the two teams. Vettel came to train with the kart with the drivers of the Ferrari Driver Academy in Lonato circuit and there was one more, talking to everyone and with an aperitif with us

and Fernando Alonso, do know you?
Yes, I ran with him on the track once. I was training at the Circuit de Castroponce, in León, and Fernando came with his kart for a spin. He was shooting with the other pilots who were there. I also saw you when I won the Championship of Spain of karting because it was he who handed me the award. It was very nice.

what is your favorite Formula 1 driver?
As a pilot I like Fernando Alonso. I also like Hamilton, but for me the best is Alonso.

how you would define you as a pilot? What F1 pilot it would seem his style?
I’m a pilot fast and cold. Think much during races. But it is not to make me look any piloting, each has their way of driving.

what does in his spare time?
I like riding bike, and in summer, when I have more free time, I surf. Also practical occasionally climbing, I love mountain sports.

is linked much at school being runner up in the world of karting?
(laughs) my only class there are two girls, so the thing is complicated.