• the videoarbitraje opens in the Mundialito not without controversy.
  • Debate: should be applied to football to correct errors or distorts its essence?
  • For years, many sports use the technology to debug failures.
  • SURVEY would look good the videoarbitraje use in soccer?
  • To BACKGROUND: what is the videoarbitraje and how it works the instant replay?

 Videoarbitraje in the world of clubs

imagine football without controversies that cause the off-game “by a shoulder’, the ‘piscinazos’ which swallows the referee or the phantom goals? That reality is closer every day.

football is a sport of customs and costs that take changes. Not in vain, is one of the few who resist the use of technology . And, when you use it, do so without controversy. Sport King has such a component of passion cool technology just does not convince.

However, something is changing. A couple of years, in the world of Brazil, made his debut Hawk Eye which is already used in the premiere. It was the FIFA decision, and also had controversy because it clashed with the tendency of Platini and UEFA, supporters of the goal judges. A automatic detector of goals, formed by 14 cameras, installed in the goals goal line, which made its function at the start of the tournament: the cameras ‘saw’ the phantom goal by Benzema in the Francia-Honduras and the referee received a notice on your watch.

In this world of clubs has been given one further step, the videoarbitraje or VAR (video Assistant Referee). The application of the video referee moves was tested for the first time… with many doubts. Up to two times applied in the Japanese tournament and both in the semifinals. One, to impose a penalty in favor of the Khasima which had not seen in the first instance the referee and the other to validate a goal from Christian anything clear as possible out of the game. Both after the game for a few minutes and to the astonishment of the players.

They are precisely the most critical of the system. “It is a new invention which, to be honest, I hope that does not continue because for me it is not soccer and do not like.” The first impression is not good “, said the Croat Luka Modric. Zinedine Zidane also said that “need to be improved, it creates confusion”. However, the President of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, dndio the use of instant replay despite criticism, as “extremely positive” results.

May only be question of “patience”, said the Madrid coach, but football is ready to rearbitrar the moves? “I think so”, says José Antonio Martín Peton representative and commentator. “It is said that football is a sport I prefer to be a bit slower and more just”. The agent believes go against conventional wisdom, but explains its position as follows: “ maybe Atletico Madrid had a Champions because not they got a goal in offside by 95 centimeters “.

According to Petone, technology is eventually installed in football. It has not done so far by fear of changes. “The man tends to conserve what has in all aspects in life. And is not only to keep the history, but to make history to make everything better “.

“are not going to stop the party by a move in the middle of the field, but when it is a goal or a definitive move “. And that does not kill the essence of soccer? “What is going. Football has force by itself, nothing is going to change that.”

The technology in other sports

as football, other disciplines ‘pulled’ technology for already improve the spectacle, debug the margin of error or the safety . In all, the technique became a day and installed more or less permanently. How to use these advances in other sports? Happen will the same with this new system in football?

Tennis. eye of Hawk. is used to decide on dubious balls. The computer system generates an image of the trajectory of the ball that can be used by the judges of Chair. In addition, Hawk-Eye has the attraction of creating excitement in the public, as viewers can follow the trajectory of the ball as if it were a repetition. It was used for the first time at the US Open in 2006.

Basketball. Instant Replay. two years ago, the NBA entered a CCTV to assist the referee in doubt as points on a basket, failures or possession.

Baseball. most played polemics. a sport accustomed to the use of technology – it has been doing since 2008, lived in 2014 its biggest revolution in this respect: the MLB, the leagues of professional baseball’s highest level of the United States, increased the number of moves affected by repetition and also gave the power to use a review by party coaches.

Formula 1. experiments everywhere. in each Grand Prix there are tastings to improve, coming to see virtual security cars, images from any corner of the car and giving great weight to the production of television so that no detail of racing does not escape and help the Commissioners to put sanctions.