• was intended to cross the Ceuta border.
  • before the evasive attitude of the young woman passing by the Civil Guard controls, agents requested you open the suitcase.
  • she, aged 22, has gone to court.
  • the young man who was on the inside of the suitcase is 19 years old and was devoid of documentation.

 you were inside a suitcase

the Civil Guard has arrested in Ceuta a Moroccan girl, 22 years old, when was intended to cross the Ceuta border with a sub-Saharan immigrant who had hidden inside a suitcase that was placed on a cart.

as reported in a statement Civil Guard the detention occurred at 1630 on December 30 when service agents at the land office with Morocco of the Tarajal observed one person who was carrying a suitcase on a truck and which sought to gain access to Ceuta.

before the evasive attitude of the young woman passing by established controls and his nervousness shown to agents that they provided service, Civil Guard asked him to open the suitcase he carried.

inside a sub-Saharan immigrant, he had to serve because the State presented and the danger he ran his physical integrity by the lack of a proper oxygenation having be inside the suitcase was found.

also proceeded to health activation which is carried out immigrants who have agreed to this city of irregular shape.

the immigrant rescued, devoid of documentation, said call F.T., natural of Gabon and nineteen .

detained the woman, H.E.L. nationality Moroccan, equipped with Passport, from 22 years for an alleged crime against the right of foreign nationals.

detainee has gone to court in the next few hours.