• U.S. President returns to insist that Mexico will pay the border wall.
  • has done in his first as President-elect press conference.
  • Peña Nieto responds: “We will not accept anything against our dignity”.

 enrique Peña Nieto

the President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto has again insisted that his country will not pay the wall as has assured the new President of USA, Donald Trump, in his first official appearance as President-elect and has rejected attempts to “influence business investment decisions based on fear or threats” , after repeated pressure from the President-elect to U.S. companies with interests in Mexico.

“Let’s defend the national and foreign investment in Mexico”, to “continue being a reliable and attractive destination,” he said at the close of the meeting of ambassadors and Mexican consuls around the world. “We reject any attempt to influence business investment decisions based on fear or threats,” he added.

the pressures that the President-elect of the United States has launched the automotive provoked last week the company Ford announced an investment of 1,600 million delete $ on the ground of San Luis Potosí, North-Central Mexico.

Peña Nieto stressed that the free trade agreement of America of the North (NAFTA), signed between Mexico, USA and Canada and that Trump wants to renegotiate when considering that it affects their country’s industry, “is one of our greatest strengths,” when it comes to complement production processes.

on the wall, reiterated its refusal to pay for it: “It is evident that we have some differences with the next United States Government, as the subject of a wall that Mexico, of course, will not pay,” he said hours later, Peña Nieto, who said that his country will not accept “nothing against our dignity”, said the President.

non-negotiable basic principles as our sovereignty, national interest and the protection of our nationals”.

USA requirements

Although it said that “all the issues that define our bilateral relations are on the table, including security, migration and trade”, pointed out by warning that “for any negotiations” the neighboring country will have to take a series of commitments.

USA stop the illegal trafficking of guns to Mexico and brake money of illegal origin receiving criminal organizations, and to guarantee respect for the rights of undocumented migrants who are repatriated, which Trump warned that it will be massively.

another aspect which demanded Republican Peña Nieto is “maintaining the free flow of remittances” that Mexican migrants send from USA, and of which “depends on the livelihood of millions of Mexican families, mainly low income”.

talk about relations with different regions, stressed that Mexico will give priority to the updating of the global agreement with the European Union and that will strengthen the integration with Asia-Pacific, “dynamic world” economic zone.

link to Argentina and Brazil, countries “that not we had sustained optimal approaches” will also be deepened, and he continue to pursue “concrete achievements” with members of the Pacific Alliance.

also said that Mexico supports an ‘openness to international observation’ human rights that, far from weakening the country, it “strengthens and prestige”.

Peña Nieto also took the opportunity to refer to the ‘ gasolinazo ‘, one of the internal conflicts that traverses the country, arising from the increase of between 14% and 20% to the price of fuel, which has caused a great discontent among the citizens, in addition to protests, riots and looting.

“the world is watching how we approach a decision difficult and unpopular, but at the same time delayed”, said the President, before advocating for “unity” and “plurality and diversity of opinions” to “protect how much we have built in years of work”.