• the child, 12 years old, said the girl, also 12, with a gun to the head after pursuing it.
  • the alleged victim says he saw that same guy after doing the same to another girl from his school.
  • find has not the gun that supposedly minor threatened.


a child 12 of the Harlem Democracy Prep School in New York reacted in a very violent way to see a classmate to buy a box of nuggets in a well-known chain of fast food. The boy approached the girl, also for 12 years, so give him a few nuggets and she didn’t want to, so the pursued until a train station and there put a gun in head to threaten it.

the younger marched without damage and counted at the school event. In addition, apparently saw that same child harassing another girl’s school after the incident, also with a gun.

the child was taken to the police station, but the weapon has not been found.

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