• and confirmed by the director of museums of the direction General of Antiquities, Ahmad DIB.
  • is a second wave of destruction in the historic Syrian city.

 Palmira, damaged history

State Islamic has returned to damage more antiquities in the monumental Syrian city of Palmyra whose Greco-Roman ruins are Monumental patrimony of Unesco, said Friday the director of museums of the direction General of Antiquities, Ahmad DIB.

“we have information that the US has caused extensive damage, but missing us by confirming details”, said.

Dib explained that the Syrian authorities are trying to verify if they have damaged the Roman of the City Theatre, as some media have reported.
And he recalled that jihadists on Thursday killed several people in that theatre.

the Syrian Observatory for human rights pointed out that in the last 48 hours there have been no explosion in the archaeological part of the town or its surroundings.

the NGO said that the past January 11 extremists caused damage to the front of the Roman Theatre when they placed explosives in the area.
Jihadists retook Palmira December 11 days after launching an offensive against positions of the Syrian army in the East in the central province of Homs, where is located the monumental city.

the first time that the jihadists conquered population was 20 may 2015 but were driven out 10 months later by Syrian soldiers, supported by Russian Aviation.

during its first stage in Palmira the US Greco-Roman ruins area became a field of mines, later Russian sappers were commissioned to delete when the Syrian Government troops took control. Moreover, jihadists dynamited the Temple of Bel and Bal Shamín, as well as the Arc de Triomphe, and destroyed several statues from the Museum of the city.

Palmira was in the I and II d.C. one of the most important cultural centers of the time and meeting point for the caravans on the Silk Road, which passed through the arid desert of the heart of Syria.