• in a week, the new President of EE UU is has hurried to sign a ten of orders Executive, not exempt of controversial.
  • them more controversial have been the of the veto to the immigrants and refugees Muslim, as well as the construction of the wall in the border with Mexico.
  • However, the implementation of those decrees through support giving Congress, where the opposition can prevent some of the intentions of the Tycoon.
  • also, them Governments local and State, as well as the courts, can pose a problem for their aspirations.
  • in fact, the measure in matter immigration to combat the terrorism jihadist already has been paralyzed temporarily thanks to a judge.
  • judges Federal’s other four States questioning the order Executive of Trump.

 Donald Trump

the President of United States, Donald Trump, is has hurried to sign around a dozen of orders Executive in its first week at the front of the House white, however, the execution of their purposes not will be to day of today, so simple as stamping a header in a document presidential.

good part of them contained of such orders pass by it collaboration of the Congress where the mechanisms of control will allow to the opposition Democrat lock some of them intentions of the billionaire.

also, them Governments local and State as well as the courts may pose a problem for their aspirations.

indeed, the order Executive signed this Friday to combat the terrorism jihadist, that suspends both the input of all them refugees during 120 days as the concession during 90 days of visas to seven countries of most Muslim with history terrorist, already is has bumped with a judge federal .

the judge Ann M. Donnelly, of the Court of the District Federal of Brooklyn (New York), issued Saturday that the refugees or other persons affected by the measure and that they arrived at U.S. airports may not be deported to their countries .

very controversial have been also them orders in matter immigration by which has ordered it “construction immediate” of the wall on the border with Mexico or withdraw funds federal to those cities that protect to immigrants undocumented.

the Congress, the first barrier to Trump

However, the implementation of those decrees through support giving Congress first to give funds the construction of the wall, and second, to be included in budgets, which depend on the approval of the legislature, the exemption of aid to cities like New York , Chicago or the angels.

“the hit of a pen in Washington not changes to it people of New York or our values”, said the Mayor New York, Bill de Blasio, the Wednesday. “Not deportaremos to them New Yorkers friendly with the law, not going to separate families”, said.

in the same line responded the Governor of California, the Democrat Jerry Brown, who is faced to the billionaire saying that his State, that has with the greater economy of the country, “not goes to go towards back” in their fight by them rights citizens.

the Government of Trump not can simply use funds federal to pay the plans of immigration of the President.

in first place, the Congress has the power of designate how is should spend them dollars of them contributing and nor has with a piggy bank loose to allocate funds happily to such purposes given the great debt federal.

the President of the Chamber of representatives, the Republican Paul Ryan, supports include the funding of the wall in them budgets, that has valued in ones 15,000 million of dollars (14.015 million of euros), but it approval budgetary depends on also of them Democrats although not have it most in them cameras legislative.

not are all things that necessarily can do by your account .” In a sense, orders are a combination of policies and applications”, said Executive director of the Center for immigration studies, Mark Krikorian, who supports tougher control of immigration in the country.

but you must have the approval of a budget for the Congress to lift the wall, Trump has made it clear that, despite the fact that Americans pay in advance the Bill, will be Mexicans who “reimburse 100%” .

in this sense, has hinted at the possibility of imposing a tax 20% on imports from Mexico to afford it, something that could not be done within the existing Treaty free trade of of the North American (NAFTA or NAFTA) USA signed with Mexico and Canada.

it is no secret that the US President seeks to renegotiate, but that will not be so simple . “A sudden increase of the costs of trade is a recipe for the slowdown, and perhaps recession, since the higher costs disrupt the supply chain”, said the Professor of Economics at the University of Michigan, Hoyt Bleakley.

“this not matter much if is applied to flows trade between EE UU and a country small to the random, but Mexico is now very integrated in the manufacturing of America of the North .” “A great increase in the cost of the transactions cross-border would make to many of them manufacturers of EE UU significantly less competitive both in the country as in the overseas”, said Bleakley.

also, them actions of Trump can find pitfalls in them cuts since them organizations in defense of them immigrants and groups civilians could carry their decisions to the courts, as is saw this Saturday in the cited Court of New York.