• the President of the United States has dismissed Sally Yates for refusing to defend his Muslim ‘veto’.
  • named as ‘ number two ‘ of the Department of Justice in 2015 by Obama, this lawyer from Atlanta already knew that his decision is would result in dismissal.
  • occupied the charge of fiscal general in functions from was ten days. 

 Sally yachts

serene, discrete and faithful, it ex fiscal general of us UU Sally yachts abandoned this Monday the security of your second flat and is revolted against the President, Donald Trump, by its veto to refugees e immigrants, an action that you has conferred the double condition of heroin and treacherous. Ten days has lasted in a post that was occupying in functions.

lawyer, named by 2015 as number two of the Department of justice by President Barack Obama, on Monday night sent a letter to the lawyers of the Government for ordering them to not defend in the courts Decree of Trump about the refugees, whose legality has been challenged in various courts in the country.

his action earned him automatic expulsion from his post and a hard accusation of treason by the new Government. “Yachts has betrayed the Department of Justice to refuse to enforce an order designed to protect the citizens of the United States,” the White House said in a statement.

However, while the Executive publicly repressed yachts, someone went on the internet and modified his biography in Wikipedia to include the phrase “heroin American” among his great achievements.

the digital encyclopedia deleted the phrase, but the Democratic National Committee (DNC) endorsed in a statement to the “heroic Patriot” yacht and charged against the “tirana” Presidency Trump and their attempts to “Mute” to the Prosecutor.

yates, of 56 years and born in Atlanta, already knew that his decision is would result in the dismissal . Spent the weekend reflecting, considered that the Decree of the President is exceeded with a group particular, the Muslims, and decided to give a step to the front, according to said to The Washington Post a source close to the Department of Justice that asked the anonymity.

nearly 30 years of public service

in a dramatic way, on Monday evening, Yates put an end to 27 years of public service which began in 1989 as number two of the Prosecutor’s Office of the North Georgia district and that led her to lead the charge against Eric Rudolph, the author of the attack that killed one person and injured 111 in the Atlanta 1996 Summer Olympics.

after successfully prosecute several cases of corruption, Obama was set on it and named attorney general of the Northern District of the State of Georgia, a position he had never before occupied a woman .

the former Attorney general Eric Holder (2009-2015) included yachts in your circle of closest advisers and, in January 2015, Obama nominated yachts number two of the Department of Justice, a position for which managed to almost unanimous support in the Senate .

Ironically voted against the Senator from Alabama Jeff Sessions, selected by Trump to be his attorney general and that currently faces a tough battle for confirmation in the Chamber.

during his two years as number two Yates became the best ally of Obama in to change the criminal justice system of the country, ending a massive imprisonment that cost millions of dollars to the coffers of the State and that punished disproportionately minority Hispanic and African American males.

with the support of the general prosecutor Loretta Lynch (2015-2017), Yates was in charge of overseeing an initiative from the White House that served to to commute sentences of thousands of prisoners convicted of non-violent and drug-related offences.

yates was devoted also to direct the day to day of 113.000 employees of the Department of Justice, that now passed into the hands of Dana Boente, named by Trump as attorney general duties awaiting that the Senate confirm to Sessions.

when the Department of justice opens tomorrow, by order of Boente, government lawyers will have to back to defend in the courts Decree of Trump, which suspends entry the country all refugees for 120 days, as well as granting 90-day visas to seven majority Muslim countries.

married and with two children, Yates has not made any comment on what will be its future although his past is marked by the bittersweet double condition of heroin and traitor.