• the President of Ecuador has conversed with ’20 minutes’ during his farewell tour by Spain after ten years of rule in the Latin American country.
  • has made balance and self-criticism of its mandate: “may have been errors in execution, but the great strategies have been successful”.
  • strap has asked to them countries Latin American a greater commitment and a speech “more forceful” before the political of Donald Trump.
  • “Is an extreme naivety, believe that immigration is going to stop with walls”, you mentioned about the measures taken by the US President.
  • regard to the devastating earthquake in 2016, has assured that reconstruction “March rapidly, but by fast that go this is going to last years”.
  • on the future of the left in Latin America, has said that “may have setbacks, but in it travel not there March back”.

<p> Rafael Correa “/> </p>
<p> the President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa <strong> </strong>faces the final stretch of his Government: in May will give the baton to the winner of the presidential election on Feb. 19 and thus will end the longest consecutive presidential term in the democratic history of that country. On the occasion of his retirement or “retirement”, as he himself has defined it, Correa has made a tour of farewell that has visited Barcelona, Valencia, Murcia and Madrid, cities where lies most of the Ecuadorian community in Spain, more than 430,000 people in total, according to data provided by the Embassy of Ecuador in Spain. During his stay in the capital, Ecuadorean President spoke in an interview with <em> <strong> 20 minutes </strong> </em> about the devastating earthquake suffered in April 2016, did balance and self-criticism of its mandate and has also shown its concern by the policies of Donald Trump and what effect can be generated in Latin American countries and the rest of the world. </p>
<p> <strong> during his visit to Spain has met with Mariano Rajoy and King. Have come to some agreement? </strong> <br /> The visit wasn’t to greet and thank you, because I’ve always felt supported by them. What he has done very much appreciate it Spain by Ecuador: receive our migrant brothers, who had to leave the Ecuador after a terrible crisis in 1999, the support that we got with the earthquake that was a horrible tragedy, the largest in the last 70 years, and the support for the signing of the trade agreement with Europe. There is an empathy with King Philip, I believe it a lot and his father also. With the President Rajoy, while we are in the Antipodes of the ideological spectrum, I consider it our friend and always supported us as a Government and as a country. </p>
<p> <strong> his arrival in power in Ecuador, through citizens movements, reminds a little of what happened here with the mayors Manuela Carmena and Ada Colau. What is missing to Spain so that those movements calen in national politics? </strong> <br /> Ours was even more complicated, because it was really a citizen rebellion to what there was, we arrived without political organization, we created it through all these years. What is it missing? I believe that the change of an order world that not only is unfair, is immoral, not come from citizens of the third world, will come of them own citizens of the first world. Is interesting what is happening in United States, them mobilizations that there are them more large from the war of Viet Nam. Hopefully the arrival of Trump to the Presidency do react to the people in United States and in all the world developed. Missing greater awareness, greater commitment and that is strengthen those movements social in groups more organic with vision of power. </p>
<p> <strong> would how affect the policies of Trump to those countries Latin American? Can join? </strong> <br /> There will be cost, there will be pain, but there will also be opportunities. It can join. It talked about in the fifth Summit of the CELAC (community of States Latin American and Caribbean). In defense of our migrant that can unite to America Latina, homogenize the language of America Latin. Going to have pain by the treatment to the migrant, by those speeches cruel, inhuman, and actions that accompany to this speech. Going to have costs by the protectionism of United States, the main market of Latin America, but is going to have opportunities. That protectionism also it can apply us. And not must be a bad word, understood as political national to develop the device production. Now have the opportunity to build our own capabilities national, to increase, for example, the trade intra. </p>
<p> <strong> would have spoken in the Summit of the CELAC’s commitments to make front in block to this new juncture geopolitical with Trump? </strong> <br /> No there has been progress, but there should be commitment, is adequate space. There were statements in support of the migrants, but it could do much more, speech and actions. At the level of discourse, he could you have done much more, be much more radical and more forceful. </p>
<p> <strong> how would describe in a sentence the wall that Trump wants to do on the border with Mexico? </strong> <br /> Naive extreme, believe that immigration is going to stop with walls. For Justice, solidarity, prosperity for the entire planet. </p>
<p> <strong> and the veto to Muslim immigrants? </strong> <br /> A lack of humanity. </p>
<p> <strong> and the protectionist measures of Trump? </strong> <br /> That creates a question mark, because in many cases I would do the same. Trump wins because he spoke to that non-qualified worker who lost his job because the company went to Latin America, to the India… In many things I would do the same. Gentlemen, you me invest in the country, if they want to invest out perfect, I put taxes on products that I want to put. But first the country, if are capital Ecuadorian, first the country. </p>
<p> <strong> before the rise of far-right in Europe speeches, are you worried about that they can threaten global stability? </strong> <br /> Of course. However, in Germany will win Merkel. In the Netherlands can be to follow the far right and in France may be to reach a second round Le Pen, but I do not think that you win. It is clear that the strength of certain extremist movements is a problem, first for world peace, for stability, but they can also generate reaction, people react. And above all the first world already undertakes to banish discrimination, xenophobia, racism, and they return to take the citizens, the vast majority, the reins of their respective societies. </p>
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    just of approve a law of mobility human, that guarantees the rights of them migrant and that the UN has praised. However, this agency questioned other measures led to out in the EU in matter of host and cast of refugees. What the opinion of them?
    Is pitiful how is Europe to certain refugees, in camps, isolating them, preventing the main mobility, that is it disabled human. Is easy see them bulls from afar, there are conflicts very serious as the conflict Syrian, but think that yes there are forms more efficient and human of face that class of conflict. And above all, never forget it: Europe always was region of emigration, of output, and to those European them received with them arms open in America Latin. For example, to the Spanish during the Guerra Civil. Now that is land of reception of emigrants will put all these obstacles and these barriers, also there is that reflect on that. We are very respectful with the autonomy of every country, in every region, but if we believe that a fundamental right is that of human mobility. That is what our law says: human mobility as law, the rights of foreigners that they are going to live to the Ecuador, but also the obligation of the Ecuadorian State to guarantee rights and always extend programs that they apply nationally to the Ecuadorian community abroad.

    concerning the electoral campaign, the pro-Government candidate, Lenín Moreno, is leading the polls to relieve him in office. What do you expect of your successor?
    If the election were tomorrow, yes it would win one-lap, but even three weeks. There are legacy, the change in the country is evident, conviction and there candidate. Lenin is a great candidate, next to Jorge Glas (Vice President and candidate for re-election). What do I expect? To continue with this project, this historic change in this country, obviously making it much better or less evil than we could do it.

    during his term have managed to reduce poverty, improve roads, health care, education… do you have any issue that has been pending?
    Many. This is a process in place. As I said a simple peasant girl Ecuadorian: “President, we know that there is much to be done, but we also know that you’ve never done so much as it is now”. For example, I would have liked to have more time to do a campaign of customs, the beep in the street, respect for pedestrians, etc.

    how has affected the fall of oil prices and the earthquake in Ecuador the Ecuadorian economy?
    In these last years, when us has gone well have dyed the water up to the neck, and when us has gone wrong already have tenido the snorkel to not drown us. In two years have plummeted 40% of exports, that not seen since 30 years and meant losing about 10,000 million dollars. That in a dollarized system is deadly because it has a terrible recessive effect in the economy. Having no national currency we don’t have how to counter these external shocks. Not only in the price of oil and oil exports, banana, rose, shrimp, etc. And in those cases you have to depreciate the currency, but as there is no national currency, the dollar appreciated, exactly the opposite. That crushed the economy. Have had to be extremely creative, austere, made the adjustment more big of America Latin. And had the earthquake of the 19 of April, that we did lose more than 3 points of GDP. They have been swingeing years. However, the Ecuadorian economy shows already a great recovery, a great dynamism, and we are all surprised by the country’s ability to overcome these difficulties. There has also been a successful policy.

    how the most devastated areas of the earthquake are recovering?
    We made a special law that would give (victims) about 1,400 million, although the losses total about 3,000 million, more contingency credits, we have about 2,200-2,300 million, which already have invested close to 1,000 in the nine months since the earthquake. Construction gear rapidly, but by fast that go this will last years. Only in housing there are about 45,000 affected or destroyed. We still have people in shelters, the priority is to give them a House.

    still need skilled personnel to work in Ecuador?
    Yes, but we have advanced a lot. We had the program healthy Ecuador, I return for you which was to repatriate professionals, since when the crisis happened they left thousands, especially health professionals, and are now returning to the country by the hundreds. But also have been Spaniards, because he has come a long way the public health system, also for the Academy (University). It has reversed what always happened, before brains had escaped, we are now stealing brains from more developed countries.

    would would continue encouraging to the young Spanish newly licensed to search an opportunity labour in Ecuador?
    Of course, are the doors open. Conversing with the rector of the University Complutense I was surprised with what wins here in the home of his career a Professor University. We are paying more, so in good time is can go to teach to Ecuador.

    would change something if could return back on its mandate?
    A lot. One commits errors.

    what would change?
    Designations. I was wrong many times in programs. More than wrong, were poorly executed and failed. With the experience we have now, they would fail.

    repents from any measure, for example, the controversial law of communication?
    The Act of communication was one of the biggest hits. But there are other laws that we perhaps exaggerate, as the electoral law. It has been a pretty boring election campaign, indeed, among other things by strict control of electoral expenditure and low electoral spending allowed. In that law, we exaggerate. Of course there were mistakes in execution, but major decisions, great strategies, have been completely successful.

    what happens when you stop being President?
    Sleeping (laughs). For three months they Hibernate. I come from the Academy and want to go back to the Academy, I have reading backward by heaps, I love to write, I have about four or five books planned… So I shall dedicate myself to read, to write, if I invite you to a Conference, if I invite you to have a Chair… Either full-time, what I want you to give is a long time to my family, but for example ECLAC (Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean) has invited me to give the Chair Raúl Prebisch, which is once every six months.

    his departure is almost the end of a golden era of leaders of the left in Latin America. Does the left have continuity?
    Yes, may have setbacks, but return to the past, our people will not allow it. Processes will continue to be, Latin America will never be before, and should not have an unreal reading of what has happened. For example, argentina right anda most settings, in Venezuela, in legislative elections was absolute for the right, but took 40% after 15 or 16 years of Government. Evo Morales has a backup enormous in Bolivia, us in Ecuador have a backup enormous. In Nicaragua just of win Daniel Ortega with more than the 70% of the votes. Can have flashbacks, perhaps in a time given had the time of gold of left in America Latin, in 2007-2008, where in South America, of ten Governments, eight were of left, but in it travel not there March back.