• has also been wounded a U.S. soldier.
  • a U.S. general has recognized about 30 air strikes in Helmand last week.
  • a remarkable has already demanded justice for the families of the victims.


a preliminary UN report denounces death of at least 18 civilians in bombing of the Thursday and Friday in Helmand Afghanistan, attributed to the international coalition and in particular United States.

in particular, the Thursday and Friday bombings were concentrated in Sangin District and at least 18 people died, most women and children according to the UN report published on Sunday.

these bombings were the work of “international military forces”, but in the last days only have produced outputs of equipment American, according to military sources.

“How could be taliban women and children?”, asked a family member of the victims, Majnoon, speaking to Reuters from the hospital in Lashkar Gah, capital of Helmand. The dead include 11 people who were in the House of his brother, bombed on Thursday.

a remarkable of Sangin, Qasem Mullah, has demanded justice for the families of the victims . This Saturday at least seven civilians have been killed in a suicide bomb attack taliban in Lashkar Gah.

the UN “reiterates the necessity that all parties to the conflict comply strictly with their obligations under international law humanitarian and take all possible measures to protect the civilians “, says the document.

“we are investigating the allegations and work diligently to find out if there were civilians killed or wounded as a result of the American bombing”, said a U.S. military spokesman, Brigadier Charles Cleveland, who has recognized about 30 airstrikes in Helmand during the last week.

the international coalition has deployed hundreds of soldiers in Helmand in support of Afghan military forces in his war against the taliban insurgency. operations involved units of the air force and special forces. At least an American soldier resulted hurt in these engagements.