• social networks are filled with criticism of the song of Germany “Perfect Life”, whose first notes are identical to ‘Titanium’, David Guetta.
  • one of the authors of the theme has also composed for Guetta.
  • almost every year there are some accusation of plagiarism related to Eurovision.


the polemics for plagiarism in the music industry are very frequent and rare is the year in which one or more songs selected for Eurovision are not accused of copy to others normally much more known.

this year, the first one mentioned has been Perfect Life the song that will perform the young Levina, representative of Germany after winning a preselection against other four interpreters in Kiev. Although most Germans seem happy with it (won with 69% of the votes), have already emerged an infinite number of complaints with the song, reminiscent in many points – especially the first notes- Titanium the theme of David Guetta and Sia that devastated five years ago.

Interestingly, Lindy Robbins, one of the authors of Perfect Life is also Dangerous one of the great successes of the popular French DJ.

is not the first time that the name of David Guetta appears related to a supposed plagiarism songs. In 2015, Måns Zelmerlöw gave the victory to Sweden with the Song Heroes in which many saw a clear copy of the theme -Lovers on the sun .

in 2013, Denmark won with a suspicious song from plagiarism of a Dutch group. In 2008, said that the Russian winner of Eurovision Song Contest was a plagiarism of Cat Stevens and Pet Shop Boys. In 2007, the country accused of plagiarism was Serbia. The accusation of this year was not the first and surely won’t be the last.