• Guadalupe Olivas Valencia threw himself from a bridge between Tijuana and California.
  • instead of the facts we found belongings that had been expelled from the North American country for the third time.
  • Donald Trump has given order to speed up the deportation of citizens without papers | He wants to expand the wall with Mexico in El Paso, Tucson and California.

 border between us and Mexicoc

a man has committed suicide minutes after having been repatriated from the U.S. to Mexico by the Government of Donald Trump.

olives Guadalupe Valencia is 45 years old and born in Sinaloa, Northwest of Mexico. It has been thrown from the bridge of Mexico, with a depth of 30 meters and located on the border of the Mexican city of Tijuana with San Ysidro (California).

a 9: 00 local time (17: 00 Pacific time), municipal police received notice of the event, and the location of the incident was attended by police and officers of the Beta Group, dependent of the National Institute of migration (INM).

olives was still conscious and he was transferred to the General Hospital of Tijuana, where declared his death due to a strong bruise on the head and a cardiac arrest that befell him for that reason.

third deportation

according to the police authorities, the man had just be deported because in the scene they found the plastic bag that at the time of the repatriation Office of customs and border protection of the United States, with some of their belongings.

the State Prosecutor’s office has taken charge of research to clarify the causes that led to this fact and notify the relatives of the victim. Witnesses say the man was very distressed since it was the third time that he was forced to return to Mexico.

Trump has toughened immigration controls upon arrival power on 20 January and aims to build a wall along the border with Mexico and making the Latin American nation who pay for it.

before his electoral victory last November, went on to say that the majority of Mexican migrants who cross to the U.S. to seek life are “criminals and rapists”.