• has promised to reinforce the democratic local structure to overcome the Republicans and the President of USA, Donald Trump in the upcoming elections.
  • Perez, former Secretary of labour and civil rights lawyer, Dominican, and 55-year-old managed to 235 of the 445 votes of the compromisarios.
  • his opponent was Keith Ellison, the wing more progressive, African American and Muslim.

<p> Tom Perez “/> </p>
<p> the members of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) chose this Saturday as leader the Hispanic <strong> Tom Perez </strong>from the more traditional wing of the party and who has promised to strengthen local democratic structure to overcome the Republicans and the President of USA, Donald Trump, in the upcoming elections. </p>
<p> Perez, former Secretary of work and advocate for civil rights, of Dominican origin and 55 years, achieved 235 445 votes of electors Democrats gathered in Atlanta (Georgia) since Thursday to elect the new leader of the DNC, a figure equivalent to the of the <strong> Secretary general of European parties. </strong> </p>
<p> the first thing that made Perez after being named new leader of the Democrats was to reach out by Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison <strong> </strong>from the more progressive wing of the party, African-American, Muslim and who had emerged with force as the greatest opponent of Perez to the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee. </p>
<p> “I want to propose a motion which I have discussed with my good friend Ellison to suspend the rules and <strong> now appoint him Vice President of the Democratic National Committee </strong>“, said Perez, who received unanimous support to his proposal of involved Democrats gathered in Atlanta. </p>
<p> Ellison accepted the position and asked his followers to support from this same Perez Saturday because, he said, the Democrats do not have “the luxury” of be divided following the <strong> election of a new leadership. </strong> </p>
<h2> animated by team Obama </h2>
<p> Perez, Member of the Cabinet of the former President, Barack Obama <strong> </strong> (2009-2017), from 2013 to finish his term, was encouraged by the team of the Uribe to run for office and had the official backing of the former Joe Biden, one of the most popular faces of the party. </p>
<p> the Democrat is mired in a serious crisis due to the unexpected defeat of the State exsecretaria <strong> Hillary Clinton </strong> in his race to the White House, in addition to by its inability to snatch the Senate conservatives in legislative elections in November. </p>
<p> also could barely close the gap in the <strong> House of representatives </strong>also in the hands of Republicans, and suffered great losses in State legislatures and at local level. </p>
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