• Jakub Marian has made it Czech mathematician and linguist.
  • in Spain includes the accented vowels, the ‘u’ with diaeresis and the ‘n’.


the main European languages are based on the Latin alphabet (except countries such as Russia, Bulgaria or Serbia, who use the Cyrillic). But despite the fact that the base is the same, each language special characters are used in different.

the linguist and mathematician Czech Jakub Marian has developed map where he gathered those special characters in each language.

for example, in the case of Spain, the vowels with accents, translate ‘u’ and the ‘n’. in addition, adds others like the ‘i’ or the ‘y’, explaining that they used only in certain cases, in the same way as the ‘k’ and the ‘w’, which have been incorporated to the alphabet but through linguistic loans from other languages or in proper names.