• the son of Pablo Escobar has just published the second part of her memoirs, ‘ Pablo Escobar. What my father never told me’.
  • the pain of the victims of his father in Colombia is present in it.
  • emphasizes in this new book giving voice for the first time to the founders of the Medellin cartel.

 pablo Escobar and his son

“now in Colombia I threaten because I don’t look like Pablo Escobar”, and describes Juan Pablo Escobar some situations that lives from that of child decided to choose the path contrary to his father, who discovers “pending stories” in Pablo Escobar. What my father never told me.

“accuse me of cowardice because I don’t want to repeat the story of my father, as if it were a worthy history” acknowledges in an interview Escobar son on the occasion of the publication of the second part of his memoirs next to the most famous drug trafficker in the world.

work in which the pain of the victims of his father in Colombia is present (where he lived until 1993, date in which Escobar fell down in an operation by the army and his family fled to Argentina); and also the ability of his father had for “getting to the highest levels of international corruption”.

“And we are of course talking about United States,” says the architect’s profession acknowledges having forgiven Escobar “father” but not the “human being”, something that has made him live in a “dual reality”.

and the story takes it as it really is, but with an ACE under sleeve, now that his father left them a letter containing “to preserve” ; a letter written “in own handwriting” by this “villain” and that now keeps his family with “suspicion”.

in Pablo Escobar. What my father never told me (Peninsula) are given to know “many outstanding be stories” on those links that his father had with international corruption.

but John Paul stresses the work that has done on his new book for give voice “for the first time” the enemies which was one of the founders of the Medellin cartel.

next to Isaza, the author also brings to light the interviews was the son of Barry Seal the US narco who became an informant for the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration); or made to William Rodríguez Abadía, son of Miguel Rodríguez Abadía, one of the main enemies of his father and perhaps one of the “instigators” of his death.

but Escobar complains of not having been able to include that made with the family of the Colombian drug trafficker Carlos Enrique Lehder . “It would have been one of the most famous chapters, but family did not authorize me to publish the story.” I respect and understand their fears,”said.

in this second work, which is preceded by Pablo Escobar, my father Juan Pablo also shows that “it assumes” “moral responsibility” for the crimes of his father.